Furniture + Flooring Choices for the Expansion

I have some news regarding what we know will be a slow home expansion – I bought another piece of furniture. Benjamin was involved this time.

I whispered in his ear in church, “Can we swing by The French Bee after?” and he nodded. And welp, here we are with this coffee table piece:

I didn’t see it as we walked by but we saw the similar version of the side table and inquired about that piece first and the this was brought to our attention.

It also looks like a bug house and I’m a little creeped about it. Anything with nooks and crannies like that really makes me panic. I can’t even think of ship lap because there’s cracks between the boards and look what we just bought, a giant bug house.

I told Benjamin after we bought it and we started laughing in the car and he’s like well you want to put hot glue gun in there? Not exactly what will fix it, however we do spray bi-monthly and rarely do you see a bug around here anyway. I intend on keeping it that way. Bugs are mean, they bite and not sure why they always aim for the eye and nostrils.

And now I’m faced with what am I doing with the pieces I picked out and are they even going to go together and I look at my Pinterest board and I’ve already had to say bye to a few things because of other pieces. Ah. This is starting to get real uncomfortable.

Pinterests Boards

Here’s the Pinterest board of home expansion inspiration ideas and here’s the board of what’s close to final in the selection process in terms of decor. And as in like, top contenders. Here’s the bathroom board.

Partial flooring

Partial floor contenders – it will either be our warm wood or flagstone depending on what we can match. There will be a part of tile though for the bathroom and from a doorway I’m so excited about –

Left: Walker Zanger / Right: Floor + Decor

I love both, naturally I love so much of Walker and Zanger, we worked together on our kitchen backsplash makeover and the tile of Walker Zanger is just amazing.

I’m also impressed at the value of Floor + Decor and their ability to deliver some unique competitively designed pieces.


This is in the TOO EARLY stages, but they are happening nonetheless. There are a few things I must have:

  • The cozy compliment
  • Swivel chairs – so you can have conversation or turn to the TV or windows to enjoy the view

What compliment do you get the most when people enter your home? For us, new visitors tell us they love our home decor and that it feels cozy and comfortable and they feel right at home. That’s what I want. While it’s obvious I love coastal and southern traditional homes, antiques and all, I do have a spot in my heart for cottage coziness and I always try to add that to the formal touches I enjoy.

So when I was picking out a few things I kept thinking, pretty but I also want cozy and a little informal. Where it’s OK to relax and not just have something beautiful but comfortable. Knowing what we’ll be using this space for helps with picking the right type of furniture.

So here’s what we have so far – and obviously this may change in so many ways but here’s an idea.

See sources on my Pinterest board

Does the coffee table go? I’m not sure yet. It might go a different orientation (hard to explain) but if it doesn’t work, we resell it. Or it goes in Benjamin’s office, or it goes somewhere else. I feel like we could do with a better coffee table perhaps but I think we can live with it and enjoy it for a little while.

You know me, I’m always replacing things :)

We have such a long way to go with this project. I’ll be distracted with the garden come fall, I absolutely cannot wait so that will help me a lot but I’m so impatient so I’m really hoping time flies with all of this. We’ve been saving for so long to pay for this project so if all goes well, we will continue! Tomorrow the house gets measured for the drafter! xx


Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.



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