Second Bathroom

I totally gutted this second bathroom located off the hallway before I moved in.  I did all renovations, painting, lighting and draperies  prior to my move because I just wanted one day to unpack and be settled.  And it was all it took!  I would highly recommend doing all the renovations you need to a home before your big furniture and clothes move so you won’t be stressed out.  It was the easiest move in my entire life, ever.

This bathroom was not pretty.  Boys lived in this house.   So I gutted it.

This is my bathroom since it has more drawers and Mr. Wonderful and I like our own personal space.  Remember, we couldn’t share an office, so we couldn’t possibly share a bathroom.

Ricki recommended subway tiles with dark grout all the way up the walls with a honeycomb floor.  The new thing that was happening over ELLE Decor.  Since I don’t clean grout like ever, I decided it was a superb idea.

I always get compliments on the curtain, it’s from Anthro.

I also decided to place the lighting where I stand so illuminate on both sides, better than uplighting.  This former beauty queen knows what’s up and what looks best when you apply makeup.

I’m not a big expensive product freak. I use hotel shampoo when I travel, I think my hair just works with anything and so I use every basic thing. Except skin care, I use whatever my facial lady Vicky tells me to use.

We put in granite shelving in the corners to match the vanity counters, and in the shower, I wanted the subway tile to go up to the ceiling as well.  I think the only thing I would have added would be a light in the shower, but it still works.  I also installed a bathroom fan since I was just dating Mr. Wonderful and knew that I would marry him one day and I was already notified that boys need a bathroom fan.  His main bathroom is the master bedroom bathroom, which I’ll show you later.

I don’t typically shoot interiors so I’m not sure if it’s even kosher to show you the toilet.  My bad if it’s not.  It’s clean if you’re wondering since my cleaning lady came.

Contractor: Steven D Chochran, Inc. / Handyman: Lowan Handyman Services / Toilet handle: $15 at The Home Depot / Print: Rust & Roses / Topiary in pot: The French Bee / Towels: Anthropologie / Towel hook: Modern Hook from Restoration Hardware / Shower head: Fontaine Diamani / Faucets: Pegasus Dorset High-Arc faucet / Toilet paper holder: Pegasus Dorset from The Home Depot / Vanities and mirrors: The Home Depot / Mirror tissue box and hand soap: Target / Green clock: Pottery Barn

Diana Elizabeth doesn’t spend that much time getting ready.  About 20-30 minutes max from shower to makeup.  She’s quick.  She doesn’t understand girls that take so long, it’s not like your eyeballs changed places on  your face.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • krystal

    PS…I have to ask…even though it’s your bathroom, does hubby still have a standing invite to come in? Otherwise, how do you shower together?! :P

  • krystal

    Of COURSE I want to see your bathroom! It’s cute! Your getting ready time is awesome! I might not be that quick from shower to finish, but it isn’t too much longer. And I agree about getting ready…the quicker the better! I was SO PROUD of myself back in Feb. I was going to the Love & Respect marriage conference. My parents were going. I get a phone call and it’s my mom asking me where I am (I was supposed to get there a bit early to save seats since it was jam packed). I about had a heart attack. BUT I got to the conference and sat down within a 1/2 hour of the call! My family was stunned! I looked like I always did with my normal gettin’ ready time. It’s amazing what happens when adrenaline is moving you forward haha! But luckily, my curled hair from the day before was still wavy and I just had to low, side pony it to tame it!

  • Renee

    Majorly LOLed at this: “I don’t typically shoot interiors so I’m not sure if it’s even kosher to show you the toilet.” So so funny. I love ya!

  • Mailinh Nguyen

    Haha!!! I love your final words about getting ready! Same here! I only take long because I’m slow due to waking up at 5:15 on Mondays-Fridays. But it doesn’t take me that long.

    Love the new look of the bathroom!


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