Taking back my blog

Last week I posted on IG about taking back my blog. I thought I’d elaborate a bit more here, on my blog, where the real stuff happens and thank you for continually checking in and allowing me to be a part of your days.

This blog has always been mine, every item I showcase, brand collaboration, sponsored or gifted product, it’s still me behind the scenes approving and saying, yes, I want to share this. It’s just lately, I got really overwhelmed because I am not simply a blogger – I’m also a photographer and graphic designer so behind the scenes daily I’m juggling a photo job, sending design approvals and responding to brand emails regarding collaborations. I’m working every day, weekends I’m shooting because my Instagram husband has time, and sometimes, I get a little cranky about being overworked.

Sometimes a good thing can turn into that really annoying thing that overwhelms you. Or rather, it’s pressure to put out good content all the time, or be something.

But even sometimes a good thing can turn into that really annoying thing that overwhelms you. Or rather, it’s pressure to put out good content all the time, or be something. “What are you? Are you a fashion blogger? What do you specialize in? What do you want to be known for?” those are the questions bloggers often ask themselves. It’s pretty much the question – what is your niche? Who is your competition? 

I don’t know, gee whiz! What do you know me for? I started blogging as a personal blog (the one I deleted immediately after my scheduled wedding was called off 3 weeks before by my then-finance – obviously not the husband you know as Mr. Wonderful and yes, the world is thankful it didn’t happen). I was young, and wanted to forget all about the life leading up to it, so I deleted it. I still regret it. I should have at least archived my words, they were so deep and innocent back then – lesson, do not destroy life evidence, give it time, you will be so glad to reflect on your words and feelings back then and eventually, you will not be ashamed of the testimony that is your life.

That traumatic experience lead me to even have it on my “about me” page for a few years, even after married, to explain my journey to love. Eventually, it stopped becoming a part who I was as time went on and I dropped that story off my about me page. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to acknowledge it, you can ask me about it if you go through something like that and I’ll tell you what got me through – it wasn’t a new boyfriend or just finding Mr. Wonderful because there was a lot of space in between all that, two years. It was God. And sometimes, I’m so busy I forget my life purpose and that’s why my mind goes crazy, my life goes crazy with it! You might remember me trying to be more personal back in September on this post – then what do you know, holidays hit and I forgot my chill pill.

lesson, do not destroy life evidence, give it time, you will be so glad to reflect on your words and feelings back then and eventually, you will not be ashamed of the testimony that is your life.

So my blog story went from personal to photography, back to personal WITH photography and evolved into lifestyle – aka everything. Then I integrated more style and beauty (kinda happened as brands reached out) and I enjoy it, it allows me to have fun and I do love it. Then it soon became about numbers – numbers which influencers can now buy engagement and views (gross!), and keywords, engagement! Don’t forget SEO! I’m like, you guys, you mean these personal posts don’t count as anything of importance to the world wide web? So I should stop blogging for the sake of blogging, get numbers up, take pretty photos and only post to get paid? This is brain overload, blog overthinking, sometimes.

I got to thinking, I’m just a person who has a blog and I just like taking about whatever I want. Whether it’s “on brand” whatever that means anymore, I just want to go back to owning my blog and not worrying about when I’m timing it so other brands can see what I’m doing and blah blah. You have so many other blog options out there to be inspired by beautifully curated outfits/home decor/travel – I don’t want to keep up, I just want to be a resting place for you. I’ll still do sponsored posts because guys, I still have vacations and concert tickets to pay for ;) but I’m feeling less pressure. Hopefully you’ve seen the shift in the past week – it could also be more of a mental thing for me too.

I want to be helpful, more open and pretend I’m writing to one person. Because maybe I am – maybe that one personal post hits home for one person and they don’t feel alone, or they feel like they can move on, or solve that problem, or simply, just escape to someone else’s reality.

This space is for me, and you.

This space is for me, and you.

And for my mom and dad to check in on me because they stopped calling me every day once I got married. Kinda like they realized if I was dead and getting eaten by cats I now had a husband who would phone them and tell them. I don’t own a cat by the way – super allergic and I’m more of a small dog person – more like Yorkie person.

Whatever business you’re in, if you ever feel overwhelmed, take back your business! Do it your way, go on a vacation and reset, start saying no and refine your time and your interests.

Anyway, rambles and all, thanks for hanging out with me. It’s been 7 years of blogging here. No 7 year itch yet, but it’s a continual learning experience trying to figure out how to make my business fit with the lifestyle I want instead of the other way around. xx

Photos taken with Canon G7X. Thanks Meagan for taking my photos and a trip I’ll always remember.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Carissa

    I read this post right when you posted it and my heart was warmed to read it. I’ve always enjoyed the “very you” part of your blog : )

    • Diana Elizabeth

      I feel so spoiled with all the comment love you left me the other day. :) Thank you so much for all the encouragement. I truly get excited to see your name pop up in my inbox that you’ve left a comment :)

  • Brooke

    That is a fantastic photo! I think staying true to yourself and being honest is often the most interesting. Managing the lines between business and personal/lifestyle is such a challenge! http://chenilleandchampagne.com/

  • Don

    I love how your posts flow so easy and seem to be what you might dictate instead of pour over.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Don, I always appreciate and look forward to your comments. I used to be pen pal one of my dad’s good friends from college and she told me when she read my letters, she felt like I was talking to her. I suppose I write like I talk, which is a good thing in the blogging world. I am thankful for the time you give me, as always.

  • Carrie

    I look forward to you getting back to “you”!!!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Carrie, you have been on this long journey with me and boy do I love seeing your name pop in my inbox :) Thanks for the support sister! xo!


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