There needs to be a sweatpants subscription box

I want you to know I was sick as a dog when I took this photo. Over the weekend I caught a nasty cold virus, I was out in bed for days I didn’t even move, I laid in bed for about 48 hours – I was shocked I even woke up. I forgot how paralyzing being sick was, I was so thankful for Benjamin for wetting a cool towel for my forehead to keep me from getting a fever and making Jamba Juice runs for me.

Earlier this week I had to get back to my desk and answer emails so any energy I had, I knew I had to at least check with work. I got a package and it was a bunch of comfy clothes – sweat pants and legging goodies from Cotton:On, Cotton:On Body and stationery goodies from Typo, courtesy of Rakuten Marketing. Their products are so comfy – you know, cotton is the fabric of our lives – haha and very budget friendly. I’m wearing size small super soft hoodie and super soft slim track pants and sparkle flats from Empressall made by my friend’s company. If you are a half size, size down.

Bindi Longline Lace Up Sweater Merci shirt

When I opened it I said, “Oh my gosh this is the box of my dreams!” as I pulled out snuggly comfy outfits after another. I mean really, don’t you think there needs to be a sweatpants subscription box? I would totally start one if I could just come up with the idea and elves can do the rest. Someone else start one so I can subscribe because I loooooove comfy outfits and lounging at home watching Netflix. This box couldn’t have come at a better time since I was feeling under the weather, don’t you love a perfect timing?

I have a few thoughts on lounge wear. Okay just one.

It’s definitely more than OK to wear it a lot. It’s not like pajamas. I have a separate drawer for loungewear completely separate from pajamas. When I’m working from home, loungewear it is! Comfy leggings, sweatshirt, shirt, and on the days off when I have meetings I’m obviously totally dressed up.

Meanwhile, I’m obsessed with Marco Polo, the app where you send videos. I was so reluctant to get on there when Michelle told me I should when I saw her in Prague – but of course I shut that down hahahaha. Another social media platform stressed me out  – but it’s not really social media. It’s like personal media of sending videos back and forth so you get to see people you don’t normally see that often and you send them a video instead of a text. Meagan sent me an invitation and since then I’ve been using it with a few more of my gfs and I just kept sending videos of my recovery – like Breathe Right strip on my nose, wet towel on my forehead, not attractive you know? But it’s safe, it’s just so much fun I insist if you have friends who you want to see more often or live far away or are just busy, this is a great way to stay connected. It’s sooooo fun too!

Flats: Empressall 

Fall finally hit Phoenix. I’m aware it’s the middle of winter but our trees finally turned color and leaves dropped. Winter here is like a month, tops. So in two months, the buds will form again and our trees will be back. So short lived. I don’t want to discuss how summer is around the corner and I’ll be sticking around. I think I’m going to just do domestic trips this year and save the money I would spend on an international trip and put it toward house renovations. I have repainting the house on the wish-list but Benjamin’s got one eyebrow raised about that.

I hope you all stay healthy, drink lots of Vitamin C and diffuse thieves oil to cleanse your home! I am starting to feel better but boy it sure takes a while to shake off a bug. We put a man on the moon and we can’t find a cure for the common cold? It’s a conspiracy I tell you! I think the cold medicine companies are paying to keep the research from happening, because this is ridiculous. *wink*

Sending all the cozy vibes to you! xx

Products were gifted with no compensation provided and opinions and decision to share is always my own.
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