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It’s so hot here.  Sometimes, I don’t even want to turn on the blow drier because it’s pretty much what it feels like outside, so I either decide I’m not going to wash my hair.  Air drying my hair doesn’t work very well, it just turns out flat.  So, I love tying a headscarf around and then braiding it into my hair so it covers my greasy head and then looks cute in my hair.

I also like to wear a lot of eyelet tops since there’s holes in it.  Yeah, if I were back living in LA I’d be back to wearing nothing but a bikini all day with a coverup – I’d be waking up in one, taking naps in it, and going to bed in it.  Looking forward to all my trips back to Cali to see friends and family!

Diana Elizabeth also loves watching LuxyHair on YouTube as well for fun hair ideas.