Summer Days

Santa Cruz, Calif.

I’m back home, only a week more before I’m back in Cali – So Cal this time, specifically the OC which I love. Since I’ve been back I thought I’d share what I’ve done over the past week at home –

  • Had carpet in bedrooms restretched (suggestion is every two years). Was also told vacuuming fabric 2x a week is recommended – and we have burber/low pile carpet mix
  • Added drips to the new plants hoping that will help them survive this summer
  • Organized photo studio and now I want to add a work out area – hey it MIGHT happen if I have the equipment!
  • Donated some goodies to our local hospice thrift store. As I drove away I thought how I’m passionate about two things – our veterans and hospice. I also have a few items around the house that’s waiting to be sold and I think it’d be better off for me to donate them to one of those organization thrift stores so the money can go to those causes.
  • Been picking up fresh flowers, a few bundles, every Sunday for the past few weeks. Flowers are EVERYTHING – they really make me feel like an adult (using my disposable income for flowers wahoo!) and they really brighten up my spaces.
  • About to wallpaper part of the laundry room – it’s getting an update in the next month.

I thought I’d talk about my trip back home to see my parents and my hometown girlfriends –

Have you ever seen a dandelion this huge? We were driving to a restaurant in Pollack Pines (Nor Cal) and I saw them along the side of the road – by the shopping plaza. I knew I had to pick one and after my dad took a few snaps of me, the discussion on why I couldn’t bring it back to the car happened – my mom and I insisted it would be fine. It was pretty entertaining because as I walked it started to fall apart and I could only imagine if it exploded all over the car how funny that would be – but not for my allergies.

I completed trip 3 of my summer tour and was thinking about how many more upcoming trips I have – it’s just what I have to do to make it through the Arizona heat. It’s part of the deal for me to still live in Phoenix because while I love it, sometimes it’s just really hard – being away from my parents and summer. The rest of the year, October to May I enjoy it – and everything that Phoenix offers and to have low cost living in Phoenix means more money to travel when it’s a furnace here.

When we took off the pilot said, “We’re on our way to Hades, er Phoenix.” LOL

^^ A quick stop in Apple Hill, every Nor Cal girl’s childhood spot.

My girlfriends and I tried to escape the heat wave – and head to Santa Cruz. Apparently every one in northern California decided to do that and we had to find an alternate spot away from the crazy boardwalk.

I also think I’m going to toss flower pedals on my cheese boards from now on because look at this – everything was as amazing as it looked, just gorgeous and scrumptious on a hot day.

The natural bridge is where we ended up – see the hole in that island/rock thing?

There was a lot of Netflix watching, staying inside to avoid the heat and just vegging with my parents. It’s like my brain took a major vacation and I needed it. Then I made a massive to-do list because I think sometimes our brains can feel guilty being on break that as soon as we get home we think we need to hit the ground running to make up for the days we didn’t work.

So I made this crazy to-do list and I’m sure I’ll do half of it and tell the rest of it to take a hike because it’s summer. I hope you’re having a good summer! xx

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


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