Storm King

To continue on from this week’s earlier post about exploring Upstate New York, we were hired to capture the cutest rehearsal dinner later that night, so on our first day, we headed up and stopped in Storm King, a suggestion of the bride when I inquired other things to see on the way up.


The cost is $15 per adult, and if you’re a photographer, you definitely would want to go – it’s like paying a location fee for great photos.  It’s 500 acres of mowed down fields with wildflower fields, artwork in the middle and fun.  I would say bring a picnic basket and eat there, there are tables in one area and a trolly-like cart that resembles what you would take from the Disneyland parking lot to the park which takes you around the place for 45 minutes.  We unfortunately didn’t have enough time to take it.

But I did have time to do a quick cartwheel.


Hm, my form looked so much better in my head.


We got up the hill to see this Harry Potter like mansion which has a museum in it.  I’d say skip it – it’s just figurines in there made of ash and other materials.  It was a humid day and there was no AC, horrific.


But the view from up top is amazing and worth going – or driving up to that spot.


I’m so tiny!!!!


I was so fascinated with fall leaves – Phoenix sadly doesn’t have that.  I know, we’re totally deprived.


I plan on flower bombing the back bunny area and running a lawn mower path like so, in hopes that I could get a similar effect, below.