new garden tools from Fiskars and gilmour

Spring planting

Into the garden front door greek key design plants from the nursery and new garden tools

I love fall and spring because the temps mean, time to plant! We got ready for hosting Easter earlier this month and with the patio makeover and the new brickwork around the rose beds I decided to fill them up even more with more foliage. A morning trip to the nursery and some new garden tools thanks to Fiskars and Gilmour, I was so ready to bring some more green babies to our backyard!

Check out all the new cultivating tools I got for the garden – nothing like some color coordination going on.

new garden tools from Fiskars and gilmour
digging holes for new plants in the backyard garden
into the garden backyard raised garden beds

Once I got planting, said hello to my worm friends, I always give our new transplants a good drink of water.

We have lots of clover and while most places aren’t a fan, in Phoenix we’ll take anything green and it also offers a nice cushiony place for bare feet and well, it’s green friendly for us so we leave it! The new Gilmour Thumb Control Watering Nozzle with Swivel Connect is handy so when you are moving around it doesn’t put a kink in your hose, it just swivels with you!

new gilmour hose nozzle that doesn't tangle
found a worm
garden scarf with garden hat in romper
watering the plans by the new patio backyard garden

We have so many different watering nozzles that it’s nice to have the Quick Connectors – they are attached to every hose and nozzle set of ours. It makes for such a quick click on and take off without having to screw heads on.

I suggest the heavy duty ones for any places that have extreme weather. We also love our flexogen super duty hose, it’s light and really holds up over the seasons. We also cleaned out our tool shed and replaced it with new tools and went through what to keep and toss – and sadly we realized we had to get rid of our grapefruit picker! We no longer need it since we removed our poor tree. I told Benjamin maybe one day we’ll get another one and we can buy a new fruit picker.

watering the plans by the new patio backyard garden
Into the backyard garden jasmine wall espalier vine with Fiskars Gilmour tools

Like my little garden scarf? I saw it while shopping the other week at Old Navy and I was like, oh my goodness this needs to go around my neck. You could spin it around the other way for a different style but I really liked it covering my chest and neck area. I swear it kept me cooler too! Or maybe I just feel cool because it had a garden print on it.

watering the plans by the new patio backyard garden

I missed having a popup trash can, my older ones got destroyed over the seasons because I kept dragging them around the yard and they got holes in them. These Fiskars Kangaroo Bags have a HardShell bottom so I can drag them around as I work and I know they’ll last a long time. They fold up when I’m done and I hang them up in the tool shed.

taking out the trash in the popup Fiskars bin
taking out the trash in the popup Fiskars bin

What do you think of our garden beds? Also we got a StaySharp™ Max Reel Mower – it’s a reel lawn mower, it’s eco-friendly – you just push like old school style and it cuts the grass. No gas, oil, charging or any cords! My father-in-law put it together loved it and he mowed the lawn twice for us (he already mowed it the day before with the old gas lawn mower but wanted to check this one out). He kept saying he wanted one and he is now going to get one because he loved ours so much!

I personally love that it’s quiet, haha.

All that work on a Saturday morning and we were ready to host our friends and family over for a fun day in the backyard! Hope you have a wonderful spring getting your yards ready!

Fiskars push lawnmower no gas needed, very green

Thank you Fiskars and Gilmour for sponsoring this post.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.



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