cleaning products for spring cleaning in front of wallpaper closet

Spick and Span

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cleaning products for spring cleaning in front of a wallpaper closet #cleaningtips #cleaners

ave you taken on more cleaning than usual lately? Some of my friends still have their cleaning lady, some have always been the household cleaning lady and are busier than ever, and some of us (me) have become the cleaning lady. We are pretty tidy around here, but the deep cleaning has to happen. I’m also convinced since we are home more we are messing it up a little more so we have to clean more, oh the cycle!

I’m cleaning something about every other day around here and realizing I’m a pretty good cleaning lady and I’m also the perfect height at nearly 5’8″ to dust without having to get on any step stools! I realized getting a bucket (I got this one at The 99 Cents Only store) and putting in the cleaning essentials I can carry room to room makes it easier to clean, gloves are a huge must-have in my opinion to really clean vigorously.

My friends at Babbleboxx sent over a Spring Home box at the right time and I’m going to share the products included that will help with cleaning should you find yourself realizing now is a better time than any to get our homes spick and span and hope we can have friends over soon!

cleaning products for spring cleaning in front of wallpaper closet #closet #cleaninghacks

A Stick Handheld Vacuum

The Eureka NES510 Flash Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner is lightweight, has a swivel head and when you turn it on you feel like it’s on a leash, it’s powerful and feels as if it’s propelling on it’s own. I don’t know how to say this but vacuuming is actually fun. It converts into a hand vacuum – so if you have ever taken your vacuum to the couch, stairs, or put an attachment on it and carry it for high reach place, this is great. It’s a lightweight 7.4 lbs corded stick vacuum with LED lights, swivel steering and a removable dust cap. It can be used on floors and carpets, hard to reach places, like stairs and the interior of your car. It also folds up pretty small and can sit in a cabinet, or tucked out of the way.

Use Eureka vacuum discount code: 15OFFNES510D for 15% off the Flash, valid May 4th – 17th, 2020. This code will work for the first 100 customers and limit 1 per customer.

A Magic Eraser

When we listed the townhome earlier this year, I had to clean the refrigerator and freezer for the buyer. My girlfriend who knows a lot of household tricks told me to grab Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser. I always listen to her so I grabbed one from under my sink and I was floored when I started to use it in that cleaning capacity. I always have a stack on hand, but I had only used the Magic Erasers to clean walls and suddenly I found it cleaning WAY better than a sponge. It can be used as a wall cleaner, bathtub cleaner, oven door cleaner, light switch cleaner, doors cleaner and well, everything cleaner! It is 2X stronger with Durafoam versus the leading all-purpose bleach spray. It’s also available in Extra Durable, Magic Eraser Bath and Magic Eraser Kitchen.

magic eraser in use

Dish Detergent + Dish Booster

Forget scraping or rinsing, you can take your dinner plates directly from table to dishwasher with Lemi Shine. Now the kids or husband can’t have any excuse to leave the dishes in the sink!

The dish detergent has powerful citrus extracts and no zero gross chemicals. Everything will come out looking as good as new!

Lemi Shine Dish Detergent Booster will clean hard water spots and fights back against hard water which is what we have in Arizona. Load the dishwasher and fill the main receptacle with the Lemi Shine Booster.

You would fill the pre-wash receptacle with your favorite detergent. If it’s the same receptacle like ours, place the detergent in the bottom of the dishwasher.

Foaming Non-Toxic Cleaner

ONE Clean Home is non-toxic multi-surface foaming cleaner made for wood and all types of hard surfaces. It’s formatted with non-toxic citric acid (I just love citrus!) and is a foamy no-drip spray so it stays where you spray it leaving a grapefruit scent made with essential oils.

It’s more effective than vinegar and water and less harmful than other household cleaners. You can find it at Amazon here, and your local Lowe’s.

I have a funny story, when we took this photo, I was legit cleaning my dirty bathroom! I was getting two things done at once!

Diana Elizabeth insists gloves help make these chores easier – you don’t touch anything yucky and you don’t ruin your nails! You’ll also find you might be scrubbing harder and better!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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