Sony Wireless Bluetooth Speakers


Whenever I go away for a trip or shoot a wedding I come home to roses from Mr. Wonderful.  Since I had a pretty kitchen island setting and recently went to the grocery so I had fruit to display, I figure it’s time to show off this Sony Bluetooth Wireless Speaker system that Sony sent my way.

When Sony revealed this speaker to us at the Sony Club blogger welcome event, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.  I had one of those plug-in docking systems with the old iPhone 4/5 converter sitting in our kitchen.  It was such an eye sore and even bringing it outside when I entertained was a nightmare with finding the nearest outdoor outlet.

First, let’s talk about Sony – the king of all electronics when it comes to sound.  The sound that comes out of this thing is Sony quality – amazing.

You can use your phone and start up your playlist, Pandora, whatever music app you use to the speakers through Bluetooth.  Last week I just started playing music when I was in the living room during our young married’s small group to drown out the sound of the men in the other room.  I didn’t have to get up or turn anything on, just grabbed for my phone.  I was like a magician!

Features of the Sony Bluetooth Wireless Speaker system:

  • 20 watts audio power
  • Can be wireless – up to 8 hours
  • AC adapater included if you want to plug it in
  • Hands-free built in speaker phone
  • Charge your phone in the speaker system as well
  • NFC feature



You can also take calls and just talk around the speaker.  Mr. Wonderful and I tested it out in separate rooms taking turns and was so impressed with the sound.  I can cook in the kitchen and talk, or if I wanted to take it into the bathroom I could do my makeup and chat at the same time!


It also comes with a nifty lightly padded carrying case so you can throw it in your beach bag or tote and not worry about it getting scratched or banged up.


I’m glad I don’t have an ugly kitchen anymore, thanks for helping me class it up Sony!  The speakers are available in white or black.  For more information visit the Sony page.

Diana Elizabeth says good music deserves to be heard with good equipment and wireless is always a good thing.

Equipment used: Sony NEX-5R (c/o), 50mm f1/.8.

Disclaimer: I am part of the Sony Club Blogger Program by Sony Electronics where a group of selected bloggers have been given the opportunity to test and review Sony gear.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.



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