Sony Handycam Camcorder with Projector Review

I’m kinda excited to review the Sony Handycam because you’ve probably forgot it existed.  On our recent Orlando trip I gave it to my parents to test it out since my mom loves video!  Please stay with me to the end of this post as I have to tell you a personal reason why this Handycam is going to be used in my life and how meaningful it will be.

First thing you’re thinking probably is – why should I get one?

Reason – Even though your DSLR has a video option, you can only record up to a specific time, perhaps 12 minutes before it will slice your recording into different files.  So you won’t get continuous recording should you need it.  You probably also don’t have enough battery power or memory space to record too much, so if you’re a big time video person, this is for you!

Just as I’m going to stress iPhone photos are not a great way to preserve your memories (especially if you don’t print), neither is a video on iPhone.  You might be sharing with friends and family, but make sure you are sharing and preserving for who really matters – your children and the future.

My parents documented my whole life in video back in the 80s when it was crazy expensive and a big old video camera and I am so thankful.  I actually cry when I watch them because I can see how much my parents loved me as they interacted with me.  Mr. Wonderful has baby videos too which is so sweet because I feel like I get to meet him when he was younger.

Back to the review.


Get this – you know how kids love to see themselves?  Photos, videos, mirrors, they are seriously entertained by looking at themselves all the time – it cracks me up.

So, imagine you had a fun day with rides at the amusement park and you can settle into your hotel room and watch all the clips you took – one segment goes straight to the next.

A built in projector!  Every young child’s dream babysitter right?


Oh haaaay.

My brother also wanted me to note that the sound was impressive.

Here’s the techy lowdown for the Sony HDR-PJ380 Handycam:

  • 1920×1080/60p Full video HD
  • You can take still pictures at 8.9 MP while recording!
  • Built in projector – just find a wall
  • 55x zoom
  • Shake-free steady shot
  • You can shoot in AVCHD or MP4 format – if you have a preference
  • Tracking focus – follow who needs to be in focus
  • It’s very lightweight too!
  • Record up to 6 hours and 25 minutes – your DSLR couldn’t handle that
  • 3″ LCD touch screen

Retails for $598 but you can find it around $449


You can project movies if you hook it up to a laptop or tablet via HDMI and project it.  Movie night!

Here’s why I think people should use video:

  • So your children can be documented anytime and readily
  • So you can have all video on one main device – 6+ hours of recording
  • You can also capture still images as you video

I’m also going to tell you something else I learned while I was in Orlando.  My great grandfather was a teacher for the Last Emperor of China.  I just learned that – something I should have known my whole life, so I thought.

When I go home this summer to Nor Cal, I’m going to use the Handycam and ask my parents questions about growing up, my grandparents I never knew, the great grandparents, stories, all of it.  I will also take pictures with the Handycam as they show me old photos through albums, and I’m going to find out more about my family past, history, and about my parents that I should know before it’s too late.

That’s why video documentation is important to me.

Diana Elizabeth was waiting for this trip to use the Sony Handycam and so glad she did, her family was very impressed and enjoyed using the projection feature back in the Cars themed Disneyroom.

Disclaimer: I am part of the Sony Club Blogger Program by Sony Electronics where a group of selected bloggers have been given the opportunity to test and review Sony gear.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


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