Serena and Lily’s Calistoga Bath Collection

There’s nothing I love more than soft sheets and plush towels! Remember I’m the gal who buys them straight from hotels, comparing every kind of “soft” out there to make sure that’s what’s happening in our house – for us on a daily basis, and our loved guests.

Serena and Lily sent me a set of their towels from their newest line, the Calistoga Bath Collection. These towels are made from the world’s finest Turkish Aegean cotton – which means – fluffy! Soft! Absorbent! And valid for one week only, Serena and Lily is offering 15% percent off! Just use discount code: TOWELCRUSH15.

Oh and the sand pink color, I mean of course. It’s nice that the Mr. and I have our own bathrooms. It makes for a happy marriage and that I can have pink towels! *wink*

They are so soft to the touch it’s like you’re wrapping your body up in luxury bath towels. They have long cotton loops so they will absorb the water which means quicker drying time – like towel drying your hair in the summer time.

Towel dried hair is one of my favorite things about summer! It’s so great to not have to use any more heat than what’s outside and your hair is healthier.

Getting new towels might seem like an afterthought but I insist they are the overlooked luxuries in life. Soft sheets, comfy pillows, soft lofty towels, they make everyday living so extravagant – you deserve to indulge in the simple pleasures around your home.

Serena and Lily’s Calistoga Bath Collection comes in a variety of colors to suit any decor preference or just to give you a little cheer when you step out of the bath. Don’t forget to claim your 15% off – TOWELCRUSH15.

Photography by Julianne Marie Photography. Location: Arizona Vacation Company.

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  • Julianne

    I love these and can’t wait to buy some for my mom for Christmas. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on them. I think she will love them also! :-)


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