melody maxi dress by Lilly Pulitzer

Sneaking Away + iPhone Pics

melody maxi dress by Lilly PulitzerDress: Lilly Pulitzer (c/o) wearing size 2 / Knot Slide Sandals: Abercrombie (on sale) / Purse: Botkier

I will not complain about the heat, I will not complain about the heat *wink* And I won’t because I’m not in Phoenix! Wahoo!

We are currently in San Diego staying with one of my best friends, Michelle (and her family) and actually got cold on the fourth – we were bundled up in blankets as we watched fireworks.

marine layer dressDress: Marine Layer / Sunnies / Straw Bag, also love this 

The days are perfection. We are going to see my parents up north after this, so my vacation still continues and I hope to return unstressed and a bit more relaxed than I usually do (as in, no mad rush back into projects or me freaking out over how busy or unbusy I am).

I will keep this short and give a few personal updates to connect with you because truthfully, my brain is fried. From heat, from business stuff, lots of things. But I love you all so much and appreciate you being here. I just want to say hi and hope for my American readers that you had a lovely fourth of July no matter WHAT you did.

Sometimes I think we feel pressure to do something epic on holidays. Someone who has taught me that a chill day at home to relax and do nothing is just as luxurious and amazing is my friend Vicky. I love that. I just felt like I needed to reiterate that, you can have a Netflix and chill weekend or have a quiet day and not see anyone and that’s OK.

I admire those who feel comfortable with their own company and don’t feel society pressures to share or have FOMO. I have found this so true for myself lately. Vicky who is my aesthetician has also become a good and longtime friend I have confided in (you know, like your nail or hair girl) and she is older and I LOVE that so much. I want to be more in the presence of wiser women who share their truth, life lessons and give me advice to help me grow. In fact, I started following women who are in different decades than me because I really look up to them!

But for in this 4th of July case, we actually DID do something and it worked out well with vacation time and Benjamin’s schedule.

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer (c/o) wearing size 2 / Knot Slide Sandals: Abercrombie (on sale) / Purse: Botkier

  • I am growing so much right now. I am learning so many new things and I am practicing them. I cannot wait to share them with you when I feel like I’ve learned enough to write about it, but what I will say is, we should try to be more available to others and more relational. Ask how people are doing, pray for them, and learn how to listen.
  • Being inclusive is a beautiful thing. I cannot say enough good things about my friends Mike and Michelle (who we are visiting) who genuinely care for, include, and invite friends and widows and their children and love on them. Because of their kindness and inclusion, I am learning from their example.
  • I bought the Ballard Designs armoire. Guess no YSL purse for a while. But that’s OK. I think once I get this piece in our kitchen I will feel like it’s complete. I am also incredibly stoked to go to The Container Store and buy a lot of baskets to organize other things – it will be like a linen closet/additional pantry space. It’s pretty substantial but I am crossing my fingers and toes this works out perfectly.

I’ve been spending time with my favorite people this past week. My cup is full, and my friends have been incredibly attentive, responsive, and great with wise counsel as I navigate through some tough decisions. Thankful for female friendships, we are so lucky to have each other.

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