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I’ve been shopping a bit, getting ready for some Thanksgiving settings ideas for you all, so that means I’m coming across lots of things I don’t need, but want – naturally.  Because I’ve been out from behind my computer more often, a few things I thought you should know.


I just completely upgraded all of my makeup – I have a post coming up soon.  I put away my summer makeup, bronzers and lipstick colors and I dropped by the Laura Mercier counter and well, whatever the sales lady’s monthly quota was, I am pretty sure I helped her.  I am completely happy to focus on a new look, try new things and have quality makeup on my face.

Right now all of your favorite high end makeup lines are putting out their holiday packaging which is the ideal time to stock up.  Think eyeshadows, mini glosses, tons of that for great savings – that’s why I went a little wild I bought 5 of Laura Mercier’s holiday items:


(1) Look Book / (2) Mini Gloss / (3)  Smoky Suede / (4)  Luxe Travel Brush Set / (5)  Caviar Sticks

So right now, check in with your makeup counters to see if they have their holiday lines out before it sells out.


J.Crew is having their sale on sale, 40% off their sale items.  Personally, this is when I really load up on my basics and wardrobe.  I know you’re probably wondering how my minimal capsule wardrobe is doing. Oh don’t you worry, it’s on the list of posts I need to tackle this month.  I did however, stock on a few great items at the additional 40% off sale price, a few included below.

It looks like online it’s additional 30% so if you are close to an actual store, pop in for the 40%!


You may already know about my citrus obsession.  It’s only behind my commissioned self-portrait.  In Arizona, lots of people like citrus because it survives very well here. This post is for my citrus-loving peeps.

Saw these at World Market:

42012_XXX_v1-w2000Tumblers, 2 for $8

490805_HERB GARDEN 8" PLT 2APlates, 2 for $7 (on sale)

There are also mugs and bowls on sale.  I didn’t buy them, but I’m thinking about it.  I’m also one of those plate/cup collectors and I probably should stop and reevaluate, but gosh dang it, what a deal right?

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


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