I share too much

Photo by my best friend Jackie Brans back home in Nor Cal over Christmas.

Right before I sat down for my Adorama TV video interview with Mark Wallace, he mentioned that he was recently on my blog that morning.

That morning’s post was well, about select horrific dating stories I had.  I was a little embarrassed.  My timing was impeccable.

Sometimes, I forget that other photography professionals read my blog posts.  I also forget that my friends are reading and forgetful that maybe one day my mom and dad will discover what a blog is, and that I have one, and read it too. (Yes, my mom and dad don’t read my blog, sad, right?)  But I never forget that potential clients are reading my blog.

Mark asked me why I blogged such personal stuff – he liked it, but he admitted he just couldn’t do it!  I shrugged.  I guess I never thought much about it I was just hoping to appeal to the right audience, the right client.

I had a super personal blog before and when I started Diana Elizabeth Photography’s blog, I decided to keep it strictly professional – it would only be about my photography.  But then, as I was filming a segment for SheKnows’ Chat Pack, I heard a whisper from behind the camera.  “….blog…” is all I heard.  The lovely Ashley introduced herself and told me she was a friend of a client of mine and she missed my personal entries.  So, the next day, I posted something personal.

I don’t blog every day because I think I have anything important or profound to say.  I don’t come from any authority for what I talk about.  My life isn’t fascinating, although I’ve been told a week in my life of events is equivalent to most people’s events in a year.  Um, not sure how to take that.  Fine, I guess.  I’m living my testimony now.

I just like to write.  I have a B.A. in Journalism.  I blogged on my website before a blog even existed.

I believe in being authentic.  Here comes a pageant reference from my past, ready? One year I was asked to use three words to describe myself.  In attempts to be somewhat cute, I used words that all started with A’s.  Call it a coincidence but I think deep down I wast being plain corny.  Amicable, Ambitious and Authentic were my words.  At least that’s what I hope that I am.

Yes I’ll blog about the boy who poured milk on my head in sixth grade that left me smelling like sour milk for the rest of the day, the excruciating pain I felt before I believed and trusted in God while I thought my dad was going to die from cancer, my party-hardy days in my early 20s, my bad date stories (more to come, yay…), how scared yet excited I am about going full-time this year, my heartache, my happiness, random thoughts, and the thrills I experience in life.  Sure sometimes I’ll leave out details, some things are personal, though not much in my world.  I’m not even going to attempt to pretend I have had or currently have the perfect life.  I’m just trying to be authentic, as in, real.

I share personal things because it’s in my blood to write, just like it’s in my blood to take images to show you how I see the world.  I think I also write because I hope I attract the right type of readers/friends/future clients that are drawn to me.  That’s what a blog is for – you.  If you blog, speak from your heart, say things off the top of your head, but always be real. After all, you want the audience that you can captivate with what you share on you blog, someone they feel they could spend hours with.  Besides, I have to convince my dad that I still use my Journalism degree, you know.

Diana Elizabeth majored in journalism.  She worked as a journalist for a few years before she realized she didn’t love the industry enough for the paycheck.  So, she moved into marketing.  After five successful years doing so, she left corporate and is now a full-time photographer, and web/graphic designer.  She’s already changed industries twice and she isn’t 30 yet.  That’s OK, right?

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.



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