Eyebrow microblading 3D things to know before and after photosWork and photo by NancyNu.com based in Gilbert, Ariz.

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A few months ago, I got my first tattoo –  you’re looking at it. It’s semi-permanent and it’s not what you typically see for eyebrow tattoos. It’ll last a year to a year and a half. This procedure is called 3D embroidery, or microblading.

Do you spend a ton of time filling your eyebrows in? Can’t leave the house unless your eyebrows are on? Oh girl, I get it. That’s why when I heard about this procedure (thanks to one of my best girlfriends Jennifer who also found Nancy), I knew I had to do it. I did the math and calculated the cost of going to my eyebrow gal in Old Town Scottsdale, and it equalled the cost of getting them microbladed. Oh, and on top of being the same cost, how about saving me 5 minutes every morning?

Here’s a before and immediate after.

3D Embroidery / Microblading eyebrows - before and after, lasts for a year and a half, semi permanent.

The “tattoo” simulates hair strokes so instead of a block of color like eyebrow tattoos, it’s actually whispy thin lines.

What you should know about 3D brows

  • Your normal brow hairs stay on, the microblading is behind your natural brows, adding an illusion of fullness.
  • My cost was $450 and includes a 4 week touch up.
  • It should last 1 – 1.5 years.
  • It doesn’t hurt – numbing cream is put on. The part that did hurt was when the color was put on at the end and the numbing cream wore off – it feels like icy hot on your eyebrows but it’s not terrible and my eyes didn’t water.
  • Brows get darker before it gets lighter, don’t freak out.
  • Brows are thicker but thin out when everything settles down.
  • It will scab a little within the first few days but then by a week it will be just fine. Don’t pick them off and don’t let them get wet and roll off! That’s your color!
  • You need to wear vaseline or coconut oil on it the first week and avoid any water getting on your brows to avoid the ink lines from spreading thick. It will probably be provided to you after the procedure.


3D Embroidery / Microblading eyebrows - before and after, lasts for a year and a half, semi permanent.

Do: Come with your brows already “on” so she can see how you naturally style your brows.

Don’t: Get them waxed right before, it can cause irritation before your session.


This is me right after my session –


3D Embroidery / Microblading eyebrows - before and after, lasts for a year and a half, semi permanent.

And this is today after it has settled down – me with no makeup on whatsoever, flaunting my beloved Foreo LUNA 2  recently on Instagram –

2016-03-07 08.01.38

Notice my brow thickness from my sessions got a little thinner. So what I’m reminding you is, don’t freak out when you get yours done.

A girlfriend of mine said something that was worth repeating –

Eyebrows are like sisters, not twins. So don’t stress over them being perfectly identical because our real brows aren’t!

I will occasionally fill in my brows if I feel like it but it’s so quick and it’s a stroke to bring out the color if my foundation has gone over my eyebrows. I don’t really need to – I can wet a cotton swab and it’ll look fine too. It’s been one of the best things I’ve done.

I get eyelash extensions every three weeks and monthly facials to make my daily routine easier – it’s funny to be older and wear less makeup in comparison to when you were young, and your skin was so amazing back then! I found that if you simply take good care of your skin, you can get away with sunblock and maybe even BB cream.

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So what do you think about the brows? Would you do it?