Selling the Townhome + Top 10 Memories

t’s time. We are done. We listed the townhome with our close friends, Original Realty Co.

I feel like we are managing so many home projects right now that I finally understand when other things take a back seat. I truly have been used to not taking on too much but for the past six months. It has felt like life has been piling up so having this townhome come to a near close is a huge thing off our minds and checklist so I am so happy we are almost here, now all that has to happen is we sell it at a good price – asking, please *wink*

New paint, cleaning the travertine floors and sealing it, I mean this place got a huge makeover I will share that later this week when I go over all we did with the help of our friends Original Realty Co. to make this ready to list – if you want to prep your home one day.

When I bought the townhome

I bought the place late spring and I was 23 just moved from Los Angeles. Phoenix wasn’t unfamiliar, I had visited often almost every weekend during the Fiesta Bowl season when I was a Fiesta Bowl Princess and we had some weekend festivities to participate in.

When I bought it, it was when real estate was CRAZY like overpriced. Yep, I bought. The guy made over $100k off this place and he barely updated anything other than the kitchen and the travertine floors, painted the entire place a nasty gloss beige.

I redid as much as I could with the bathrooms, repainted the ENTIRE place with a boyfriend, changed the outlets, plugs, air vents, added new flooring so some parts of the home (the office I ripped out the carpet and added laminate wood floors), changed the doors, doorknobs, I really gave that place as much of a makeover as I could with my little budget and much more than what the flipper did. But, he bought at the right time, I did not, so I can’t be crazy mad about it. The location was everything – and it still is, we live a mile away from the townhome!

Two years later after I bought the townhome, the housing market crashed but it was ok because it didn’t affect me, I still had my job and I didn’t have an ARMs loan and I also could afford my mortgage. I held onto the place for a total of 14 years. The same renters were in it for 8 years and they were great, low maintenance and dream tenants. We just got tired of managing property to be honest.

We did a lot to the townhome before it’s listed, that post to come soon. But for now, I wanted to share a few of my favorite top 10 memories I had in the townhome when I lived there.

My top 10 favorite memories living in the townhome

  1. I had an egg explosion in my kitchen. I boiled the water out a pot when I was trying to hard boil eggs. I forgot. I heard explosions downstairs and wondered if someone was breaking in so I went to check and there was an egg explosion all over my ceiling and kitchen walls.
  2. I caught frozen taquitos on fire because I put cheese on it and microwaved it on high for two minutes. I had to buy a new microwave. I wasn’t aware you shouldn’t microwave cheese for that long. Haven’t eaten taquitos since.
  3. I left a dead cockroach under a pan in my kitchen for two days. I saw a sewer cockroach in my kitchen and I grabbed a super heavy pan to crunch it stuck a heavy book on top. I left it there for two days and asked my best friends husband to come over to remove it because I was scared and didn’t want to see it. I am not scared of snakes, or mice, but I am terrified of cockroaches. Thanks Mike, haha!
  4. Mike and Michelle putting together a heavy IKEA shelf for me that became my “denim bar” in my master bedroom. I played John Mayer’s Heartbreak Warfare album. I remember Mike saying one of the songs sounded so depressing. LOL it was the “Half of my heart” with Taylor Swift duet. Mike and Michelle always helped me with the heavy stuff – I was single and they were like my family.
  5. Group gatherings – my townhome was the first and last stop of the night. Halloween gatherings before we went to Scottsdale in our group costumes (mafia and Deal or No Deal models), eating before and after the club scene, Christmas parties (not all 14 have been at the house I live in today). Jewelry parties, making cookies, watching pageants!
  6. I became a full-time entrepreneur, my 2nd bedroom became my full-time office. I became a full-time entrepreneur in the townhome! I installed laminate hardwood floors, hosted a small photography workshop up there, and also met clients there. I mean it was maybe a little weird to walk up the carpet stairs and come into that room (but it was HUGE) but I booked clients!
  7. Painting my master closet pink and white stripe and it was featured in The Arizona Republic. It wasn’t a walk in and I wanted it to look cute, so I took some pink paint and blue painters tape. This was before wallpaper was back in, so you can see how my love for wallpaper began. See it here.
  8. My family spent a Christmas here. I forgot why, but we did! They flew down from Northern California and we spent it here and stopped to a few places in Arizona like Tombstone.
  9. 20s dating. I have to mention it because it was my twenties, after all. I have to tell you this hilarious thing I would do. So my date would arrive (and better be on time or else), I’d be ready, but I’d tell him I needed a few more minutes so I’d leave him downstairs as I went back upstairs and just sat in my room for 5-10 minutes. I’d just make him wait – every.time. I don’t know where I learned to do that but it was my way to be the most calm on the date and feel in control, LOL.
  10. I gave my life to Christ on my knees in my bedroom. I think I just turned 26, started reading the Bible, did bible studies, and really grew as a person here. There was a lot of growth and transformation that happened when I lived here.

Should I also mention my friend lived with me for a few months when she was Miss Arizona? I grew up a lot when I lived there. It was a lot of transformation, life changes, navigating through discovering who I was and who I wanted to be. There were of course heartbreak announcements in my townhome, divorce news, breakups, but overall there was so much more happiness! There was also healing, laughter, and enjoying each other’s company with sleepovers, watching too many episodes of MTV’s “Next” show, and doing all the things you do to build a strong foundation of friendship. So much life happened here in a short amount of years.

They say you meet your best and lifelong friends in your twenties because of all the time spent together, time of just hanging out, doing nothing, going out, the absorbent amount of time you have when you are single – those moments are important. I believe it. I look around today and my heart swells. I have my amazing collection of people, it was a life goal I had when I overheard a conversation at age 21 in LA.

I overheard an older woman say to another about their mutual friend, “She has an incredible collection of friends,” and I thought, I want that. I have that. Today I take my collection of memories from the townhome, and my collection of best friends, and with gratitude, appreciate this townhome for being the backdrop of all those memories.

I’ll keep you posted when it sells.

If you want to see what the townhome looked like before I left, check out this post. Remember, when you look at the decor, it was a long time ago.

Diana Elizabeth started to cry at the dining room table when she thought of all the good memories. Gratitude for the amazing friends and the growth happened here. She was a different person when she moved in than when she moved out. 

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.

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  • MiChelle

    So many wonderful memories!!! And some hard ones too. Loved every minute of it though and so thankful to be a part of so many of those memories. Love you so!


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