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How often do you take antioxidants? Do you know what they are? In my husband’s words, “Antioxidants fight free radicals and environmental toxins.” Free radicals are in food and can be cancer causing. I recently discovered RxQ Antioxidant Complex and after a chat with the co-founder, I was able to learn more about the benefits of taking one and wanted to share it with you why I’m taking them now.


What is RxQ

Formulated by a family practitioner and nuclear medicine specialist who had military patients who were regularly exposed to pollution, radiation, and such. With co-founder Hannah Kim, a commercial environmental consultant, this ground-breaking supplement was created and in efforts to reduce the damage that leads to premature loss of cellular function, damage, and disability.

Think of RxQ as a supplement that balances and maintains cellular health. It guards us against the things we do every day – pollution, radiation, the food we eat, the things we are exposed to on a daily basis.


RxQ antioxidant complex pills are gluten, wheat, soy and dairy free, in vegetarian capsules. Suggested is to take one capsule with each meal, ideally 3 daily for best results. 1 bottle is a one month supply.


Why you might take RxQ

I am trying to get better with taking care of myself and what I battle daily includes sitting in front of my computer all day, traveling, every day pollution, hormone imbalance, and lots of sun in Phoenix.

The benefits of taking RxQ antioxidant capsules would be similar in comparison to flossing your teeth. While it doesn’t improve the quality of our teeth, it certainly preserves our teeth. Every day we are exposed to things that could prematurely wear out cellular infrastructure (hormones included) – air pollution, dust, fumes, allergens, radiation. If you’re into the science behind it, check out their FAQ here.


If taken daily, benefits can include: balancing out hormones, eyesight, helps your body fight free radicals, cell renewal, help battle dull skin, fine line wrinkles.

You may want to take it because you’re in the car a lot, outdoors, living in a big city with pollution, exposed to radiation through your job or a medical procedure (X-rays, mammograms, scans), travel, high stress job, heavy computer user, things of that nature – the harshness of every day life.

Enter to win 1 of 3 Giveaway Prizes!

Leave a comment below about what you’re battling the most, UV rays, stress, aging, pollution, sitting in front of your computer too much, travel, and I’ll pick 3 random winners who will receive two bottles of RxQ. When Hannah offered to do a giveaway I jumped at the chance because I want you to feel good too. We’ll take them together! I can’t wait to share this with all of you.

Comments will close September 9 and winners will be contacted by email.

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