I was given a free subscription to FreeShipping.com to review and have used it for over 6 months as a regular user – this is my real testimony and experience.

The fun part about new seasons are the fashion trends that come out! I go crazy about new styles to refresh my wardrobe! Trying out the latest trends, it’s one of the most fun things about being a gal right?  If you’re like me and you shop online a lot, or you are worried about getting that best sale price (even if it’s not on sale yet), I swear by FreeShipping.com.

Are you a – shop only the sale section kind of gal? I applaud you and I also have to say, lady, you can splurge on full-price on that item you really want even if you’re worried is on the verge of going on sale. Buy the item online, and you have 90 days of price protection. If the item goes on sale within that time, file a claim and you get a refund – oh, and ON TOP of free shipping AND 10% cash back!

If the item goes on sale within 90 days, file a claim and you get a refund – oh, and ON TOP of free shipping AND 10% cash back!

This is great for those items you know will go on sale, like Halloween costumes, Christmas decor, special occasion outfits, and outfits or products that you might be buying at the end of the season! You will reap the benefit of buying now, and getting the sale price later. Just be diligent about checking (put it in your calendar).

Just like this jumpsuit from Banana Republic has been out for a while and I saw the blue one went on sale a few weeks ago which made me nervous, will the red one drop price soon? I can check in 90 days (more than likely) and get the sale price! And yes, I’m holding a lemon purse!! I found it at TJ Maxx on a Friday night with my girlfriends – a random story but let’s just say it’s like my souvenir from that night.

You can confidently shop online knowing you’re saving money by getting cash back, being efficient with your time getting free shipping, and have peace of mind that you’ll get the best price for 90 days! I log in on my phone or on a laptop, then I click through to make sure my account picked up my online checkout – then forward them the confirmation email and wait for my check! More thorough steps here.

Benefits of using FreeShipping.com

  • FREE SHIPPING for 1,000+ retailers
  • ADDITIONAL 10% cash back (or even 20%) when you shop at specific retailers
  • Price protection – 90 days, if the item goes on sale within that time, you claim it and get a refund!
  • No need to search for promo codes or free shipping discount codes – just use the FreeShipping.com site, check to see if the merchant is available (it will drop down) click through to your merchant and you’re set. See the additional steps on my blog post here.

More experience here.

It’s worth explaining

If you sign up for a free trial, it’s 7 days, and then your card is charged for a subscription. Please be aware that if you do not cancel within that time, you will be charged (as most free trial offers work). Your check will come quarterly (3-6 weeks) , it will take time but you can check on the status on the “savings center” tab in your account and it will show all cash back and the shipping rebates so you can keep track of them.

I wanted to mention it as some of you may have landed here from a web search for freeshipping.com reviews and wondered how FreeShipping.com works. I absolutely stand behind this company and I use it probably every other day – buying a single item and not having to pay for shipping makes it guilt free! Make sure you read how it works on the site as well.

My savings

In fact, let’s talk about my savings so far! First quarter I used it, I received in cash back: $106 + $82 the second quarter. As for shipping rebates, $247 in free shipping! So far I’ve saved $435, pretty cool huh? The past two months I’m waiting for $43 in cash back and $58 in rebate shipping, that’s a new spring outfit right there.

Now I just need to remember to utilize the price protection – time to shop worry free and guilt free – thanks to the free shipping! No more making shopping cart minimums to get the free shipping.

Happy trend shopping this season!

Photos by Scout + Briar / Location: Arizona Vacation Company.

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