A friend was asked – what is the funniest thing about Diana? And she responded with, “She’s a constant purger.” LOL! I take that with pride – because yes, I am always clearing things out because too much stuff gives me anxiety! I am always bringing things in our home and so I know things need to be taken out to keep my space light, airy and for me to ensure I don’t end up on hoarders!

If you love to purge, donate, or sell your items, we’re like organization soul sisters (or mates). Here’s a round up of some posts that focus on home and closet organization as well as tips to help you purge – if you so have a hard time letting go – just call me. I’ll gladly come over with trash bags and insist you put 50% of your things in the bag haha! Happy cleaning!

Have you seen my garden? From December through April I’m picking grapefruits, here’s a great 3-ingredient recipe for smashing grapefruit juice!

Photo + styling by Scout + Briar for Xangar.