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ANYA KIMONO Lilly Pulitzer resort style tassel earrings on Diana ElizabethRomper: Tularosa / Kimono: Lilly Pulitzer (c/o) / Wedges: Ugg / Sunnies: Wildfox (sold out but love these) / Hat: similar  / Tassel earrings: H&M (similar) / Necklaces: Dogeared

Rompin’ around the cactus Christmas tree – tee hee. The five days off OOO, breaking busy got my mind, home pretty cleaned out. So over the summer Benjamin took a job with a medical device start up and it was risky. Unfortunately it didn’t last long and around Thanksgiving they got the news the entire company was being laid off in a few weeks. It wasn’t long until Benjamin was phone calling all his connections and had a job interview already lined up, and got a job offer the very day that was technically his last day at the old start up. Praise God for just providing!

I mention this because while I took the days off, so did Benjamin since he doesn’t start his new job until the new year. That meant the both of us got a lot of stuff done around the house together. Benjamin cleaned out his closet like to the max, his closet is like a hallway closet, super small.

I cleaned out  my closet (it’s supposed to be featured in a national magazine next month, we’ll see if it makes the cut), but there’s always room to improve but for the most part I’m pretty proud of myself, all seasons fit in the tiny closet! Funny, another blogger who linked to my closet photos said my closet was medium sized and got pretty mad I called it a tiny closet but hey, it’s all in what we’re used to! I’m just happy she linked to me and that’s cool, we can have different opinions. We have HUGE closets here since Phoenix is newer construction and mine is definitely tiny (1952 home) in comparison to what my friends have – my closet designer even called it “itty bitty” on Instagram haha. I swear photos make it look bigger than it is, friends have said that. Anyway, the closet is so pretty now that I don’t want a bigger one! Call me crazy, cause I think I am.

packable tote by Lilly Pulitzer in black romper, straw hat and wedges. Large sunnies and tassel earrings

Packable tote

So this week I have a few things to tackle, another video production. Then time to get organized for our 12th annual pajama Christmas party this Friday, I host every year. I can’t believe it’s already here and we found our pajamas, these are so cozy and by Lilly Pulitzer – they were kind enough to send us robes and pajamas, so grateful to them! Check out last year’s post here.

Lilly Pulitzer pajamas and robe

Robe / Pajama pants / Tank / Shorts

So many New Years resolutions to think about – personally and business goals too. One thing is I want to focus on so much of just doing and not worry about it being perfect before I put it out there. I think the thought of us having to edit to perfection or have the skill before we even post anything is paralyzing for us and keeps us from just starting.

Truthfully it is also the reason I have talked/babbled less on here. I’ve been too busy and just working and forgetting what I enjoy doing that I don’t just talk it out and hit publish. I’m over thinking and when I overthink I just stop, cut it short and worry about the wrong things – like if the links are working, photos are in focus and if I make the deadline instead of the connection I’ve always enjoyed.

I have had a blog since college and if I knew there was an actual platform like a blog I wish I did it! Instead I just updated a website every week but whatever, shoulda woulda coulda and sometimes you have to take the lesson – just DO IT and publish and get better. Or just stop over thinking, do it, post and get better every time you do it.

ANYA KIMONO Lilly Pulitzer resort style tassel earrings on Diana Elizabeth
ANYA KIMONO Lilly Pulitzer resort style tassel earrings on Diana Elizabeth
ANYA KIMONO Lilly Pulitzer resort style tassel earrings on Diana Elizabeth


My girlfriend from college text some encouraging thoughts, for me to really forget the official blogging and just blog, like I used to. I know I’ve said it over and over again how much I wanted to take my blog back but the reality was that I wanted to, then got so busy so then I had to prioritize the paid campaigns and slowly the personal needs took a back seat. I let myself take the back seat and it’s not right when the reason you started blogging was just to make connections.

If you’re an entrepreneur I’m sure you understand when that happens, you never know when your next check is, so you say yes to everything and when the blessings come, you just take it. But the five days off, it just made me rethink. Slowing down, no obligations and maybe a change in what I take on in the new year will allow me to be back more often ;)

Again, thanks for reading and being here. xx

ANYA KIMONO Lilly Pulitzer resort style tassel earrings on Diana Elizabeth

Location: Mountain Shadows

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.

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  • Michelle

    I’ve been IN your closet, it is small. You do a great job organizing it and making the best use of the space (while also making it look so cute).
    I’m sure your super excited for your annual party with the girls, can’t wait to see you all in your Lilly Pulitzer robes and pajamas!!!
    So fun.


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