Gardener heading into the garden through white gate carrying Fiskars and wearing a romper

Romper Sale

Gardener heading into the garden through white gate carrying Fiskars and wearing a romperRomper: H&M (on sale) / Hat: Terrain / Boots: Hunter

I was just notified this romper is on crazy sale – $19! It was originally $50 – do you ever see something go on sale that you already own and you think, it makes me want to buy another even though I don’t need it because I need this sale? Oh I mean, never mind. I don’t do that. So instead, I tell my friends so they can get the deal so it makes me feel like I got the deal too! ;)

When I went out to the garden the other evening I got attacked by mosquitoes and came inside with 5 bites. They love me – in a crowd of people they will find ME wearing pants and long sleeve standing next to any half naked person and still prefer me.

I trimmed back a lot of dead flowers that seeded but sprinkled the seeds all over my beds before throwing them away. I kinda laughed and wish I could’ve shown you a photo because I kinda thought – wow I’m such a gardener not wanting to waste these seeds and wanting more flowers.

I’m itching to get back outside, so much to do. Meanwhile the list of home projects and ideas to share is a full page. The things I do while sitting on the couch! ;)

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Carissa

    I’m the same exact way with mosquitoes – I can go outside to check the mail and come back with 3 bites.
    I wish I would have seen this post earlier, I love that romper but they are all sold out in small sizes. Obviously I can’t wear it while pregnant but I could have saved it for next spring. I buy almost anything that’s 100% cotton!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      I’m in size 6 ;) I wear size 6 in everything in H&M and I’m a size 0 in J.Crew! so you might fit in the 6!

  • Jennifer

    You dress better when you garden then most people (in AZ) wear to dinner!


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