It’s this word I made up to describe some one or an action of romance.  I think it sounds like romantic and magical together.  Which is exactly how I feel around Mr. Wonderful.

I hope you all had a special Valentine’s Day.  This was our first Valentine’s Day together, ever.  Remember, the Mr. and I wed six months after our first date.  I think our timing was perfection since we hit all the holidays together, the firsts together – and as a married couple, it’s way more fun if you know what I mean.  Hey, I’m married, I can talk about those things.

I woke up two dozen roses placed by what else, my 27″ iMac.  Benjamin knew that’s how I start my day.  The card cracked me up, this past  Christmas he got me a little fox ornament saying that I was his foxy wife so I think his radar is set for anything regarding foxes now.

Um, yes I asked for Twilight for Valentine’s Day!  Duh.  I’ve been talking about it and reminding him about it since I found out its release date.  Mr. Wonderful totally handled the day – every single detail!  I sorta felt like all I gave was his gifts. I know, that’s what Valentine’s Day is about, the girl, but I really felt spoiled.  Yay for Mr. Wonderful being so amazing.  I bought him a zip up sweater from Brooks Brothers (our favorite store, the prep of all prep stores) and the book, What I Love About You, which is a book that consists of I wanna say at least 100 questions that you answer about your loved one.  I came across the book about four years ago and remembered that I wanted to buy it but I never had a reason to yet.  And we all know Mr. Wonderful is the reason for all good things in my life.  Back to the book for those of you interested – the questions are fun and reminds you how much you adore that person, and who wouldn’t want to read how much they are loved?  You even get to sketch some fun pictures and attach those movie ticket stubs and fun things you shared in there.  I spent a few several plane trips over several weeks taking the time to answer the questions.  He’ll need some luck reading my penmanship.

Benjamin opened up to a question and read my response, “You’re a little odd but I am too, and I think it’s cute.”
“No!  That was OCD!” I corrected him.

Oh boy, I sure hope he can read my cursive.

Diana Elizabeth is shooting her first wedding of the season this weekend then heading to Las Vegas for WPPI.  This will be her third year in attendance, and she’ll be taking it easy catching up with friends and occasionally going to class.  Hope to see you there!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.

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