Regaining Perspective

Lately I’ve found myself feeling insanely stressed out at my very leisurely life.

Why?  Oh, because:

  • I have too many lunches scheduled this week
  • I don’t have as much time to knit
  • I have to put on makeup when I really want to garden all day outside
  • I have another dinner with friends
  • All I did today was socialize

And I shake my head at myself.  Really?

Have you ever felt like your life was just too busy but in reality, you are busy doing the things you always dreamed of doing but suddenly you forgot that and they become things that stress you out?  Long run-on, I know.

I lose sight of why I decided to become a photographer.  Do you?  If you’re not a photographer and say, maybe you’re a stay at home mom, I know you’re busy and can be overwhelmed, but aren’t you happy that you are able to be SAHM and watch your kids grow?  Ask your fellow mom friends who have to work – they’d trade you any day.

So when I find myself overwhelmed I stop and think to myself, yes I’m busy.  I’m busy seeing people I love, and doing things I love, and maybe instead of feeling busy I start paying attention more and soaking in this precious priceless time.

After all, this is why I became a photographer/entrepreneur.  So I can build my relationships, be an attentive loving wife, and when I work on a job, I work really, really hard.

In other news, I’ll now remind myself to never complain about the flow of my week right now, I finished another knitting project.

photo (62)

Yep, it’s another cowl because that’s what one bundle of yarn will give – or a skinny scarf. Plus, I’m still learning.  This is the seed stitch and I finally had the button making “click” and I was so excited.  I get it!!!!

Now I’ve ordered the materials to make this beauty, the New Worsted Twist Seed Stitch Scarf by Purl Bee:


I am taking out three colors though because the scarf is pretty long.  Materials cost a pretty penny, I’m looking at a $120+ scarf but I’m so excited to make it this summer (will probably take 25+ hours) and have it for next fall.

I know, when I get into something, I really get into it.  Those gals on Etsy who sell their handmade creations – they are so worth it.  Worth it!!  Go buy a ton from them and support them because I am in true awe.  I am too slow and projects are truly a labor of love.

I’ll stick to basics for now and hopefully by middle of summer do another course and learn a few more fancier knitting patterns.

Happy Weekend everyone – remember to enjoy your life as it is.  And take a good hard look at things around you, if it doesn’t make you happy, consider cutting it out.

Diana Elizabeth needs to make her domestic to-do list again.  The canning has been on her list forever.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Renee

    “Have you ever felt like your life was just too busy but in reality, you are busy doing the things you always dreamed of doing but suddenly you forgot that and they become things that stress you out?” <– This TOTALLY hit home with me. And this blog post is EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Thanks for the reminder to stop and smell the roses and to make sure you never look at your dreams as burdens!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Renee! Thank you for reading my gorgeous blog that you built ;) Isn’t it true? I catch myself doing that ALL.THE.TIME over everything I’ve ever wanted or wished for and it really makes me stop and look at it less as a task and more of a blessing. Even planning my wedding! Or moving, or whatever is in front of me. The nature of the beast, I suppose. xoxo!!

  • Mailinh

    Diana–I had the exact same feeling yesterday when I looked at my schedule. I’m on spring break this week and realized that I had booked each day with something and was like, “whew!” But I totally took a step back and had the same exact thoughts as you did.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi M! Happy Spring Break!!! It’s time to be busy enjoying things now isn’t it? Sometimes we get overwhelmed, I had to cancel a few appts to just say no. Hard to do, but also a new perspective refreshes the soul :) xoxo! Hope you have some fun things planned!

  • Karla

    You hit it right on the nose, Diana. I am a SAHM, which by the way I never imagine would happen, and I found myself complaining constantly. Until recently I finally said this is so great. I get to be with my child and watch him grow and teach and mold him into a child of Jesus. I don’t get a paycheck, work out as often as I like, hang out with my friends for long stretches of time, but this new life is so so so worth it and I am so blessed to have the chance to do this because many can’t. Keep up the great work!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Karla! Being a SAHM is so so important. My mom was one and it was so fundamental for my brother and I to get good grades, get the attention we needed and to be a family unit. Not all find that works for them or can, but I think even in the midst of chaos, we can always find the blessings ;) I love your perspective! xo!


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