Chandelier drive-thru tree

Redwoods Mendocino County Photo Tour

ontinuing the photo tour of beautiful Mendocino County, last week I shared the coastal views and activities we participated in – canoeing, Beach Glass, Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, and more. Make sure you see it here so you can add what we did to your itinerary.

In addition to the Mendocino Coast, we ventured to see the Redwoods and ride the famous Skunk Train and even rail biked which was just as fun as it looked! You can tell I was a bit more relaxed at the tail end of this trip and these are more iPhone photos. I was done with my outfit shoots and just wanted to enjoy the time. But, I still want to share some of these photos because really, this blog is like my dairy of memories too – AND you can still have a sense of how much fun this was!

The Redwoods has an underground system similar to nut grass, they are all connected. Kind of like nut grass or Bermuda grass.

Rail Biking on Skunk Train’s Rail

OK, now the photos I have of our rail biking on Skunk Train’s rails, I must apologize, I was really enjoying it and hardly took and photos (but did take IG videos). So I asked my mom to send me the photos she had and so here we go – I am so thankful for them!

Here’s also a tip – careful where you put your phone. Benjamin lost his phone on the tracks and thankfully one of the riders of the company who rides in the back, found it! It’s his job to check the track for any dropped items and he certainly did his job and saved the day!

rail biking on skunk trail in Fort Bragg Mendocino Countyrail biking on skunk train rails

It was soooooo lovely – just so fun and easy. It is battery powered so you hardly have to pedal.

rail biking on skunk train rails

This is when Benjamin asks if I’ll take a photo him in a smoked out redwood tree (use to store food).

IG stories –

Skunk Train through the Redwoods

Of course we had to actually ride the world-famous Skunk Train! You can hop on at Fort Bragg, or Willits – which is where we hopped on. We did see the boarding at Fort Bragg but with our constant travels we decided to keep driving and jump on in small town, Willits.

skunk train ride through the redwoodsEnjoying the skunk train ride in the redwoods

I was just truly enjoying the ride and stood in the observation car and just enjoyed myself. Benjamin came over and asked if I was thinking about business. Nope. Just enjoying myself without a care in the world.

Some videos just to show you when we jumped off and the cute little guy playing the accordion.

Skunk train through the redwoods

Chandelier Drive-Thru Tree

Dad really does find the coolest things to do, haha! Chandelier Drive-Thru tree is famous and on a private property. You pay $10 and get to drive through the tree, just once! Remember that not all cars will fit – so not lifted trucks. Most SUVs, but just be careful!

Chandelier drive-thru tree

A 2400 year old tree! Wow!

Chandelier drive-thru tree

And that’s it through the Redwoods! Thanks for joining us and thanks Dad for planning a great family vacation! We made some great memories and I think you and mom have more energy than us. I hope you all get to experience the same spots we did one day, and I hope to return.

For more information, links and where we went in Fort Bragg in Mendocino County:

See Part One of the Fort Bragg Mendocino County Coastal Photo tour! You can see the Glass Beach, canoeing, Main Street, the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens and the Mendocino Coast!

Diana Elizabeth has finally peeled herself off the couch and is feeling better post deviated septum surgery. It only took a week but the worst is over. She has been organizing and labeling and would love to show you and needs to take photos but she’s incredibly crazy about styling so that’s the dilemma. Tell her to get over it.

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