My girlfriends had a conversation in the car about all the reasons why Amazon Prime rules and my friend Brittany said, “You want to hear the things I bought on Amazon this week?” and I thought – oh my that would be a hilarious once in a while post! This one isn’t all Amazon purchases, but one day I’ll do that.

I thought maybe I should share the things I’m buying online, just because maybe you’re hunting for these things too or just curious. Some are pretty random so I’m sure if I keep doing this you might get some really weird stuff but hey, it’s authentic *wink*

  1. Make Up For Ever Brush Pouch, $19 – For travel, my brush life is a mess. This isn’t small though but it can also hold full sized brushes and your makeup pencils. It stands up on its own and you can fold the back to see and grab everything easily.
  2. POTTYMINTS tablets, $10 – I said to my gfs in Vegas why isn’t there a tablet or a strip like Listerine Breath strips where you can put it in the toilet when you go and it’s compact and not a bulky spray. Genius.
  3. Embroidered Netted Bodysuit, $38 – I’m wearing something under this, btw. I wear Hanro built-in bra camisoles (available on Amazon) under all my bodysuits or anything see-thru and I don’t have to wear a bra because it’s built in.
  4. Always on Vacay Nightdress, $15 -The Queen of Vacay is back and I saw this in store and chuckled.
  5. Sobelcale Bedsheets, $69 for king – After amazing sleep at DELANO Las Vegas I asked to order their bedsheets and wahoo! I’m trying to be a sleep expert!
  6. Patterned Jumpsuit, $50 – To garden in. Seriously, you’re going to see it in a gardening post soon.
  7. Deer Gloves, $13 – For my upcoming gardening post, I love these gloves!
  8. Striped Dress, $43 + Ruffled Blouse, $31 + Linen Pants, $34 (40% off additional) – Too good to pass up and sorry if most are sold out now, you know how sales go.
  9. Jumpsuit, $79 – I love jumpsuits and I’ll wear a bodysuit under to keep it modest in front.