id you have a nice Easter weekend? This was the first time in years we didn’t have friends over and it was so sad for me, but I accepted that was probably what was going to happen early on. It’s OK, I know it’s for the best but it sure made it different around here. I decided to still get ready and dressed.

We took a photo and then we started trimming up the yard and plants and things in our Easter attire before we realized we needed to stop or else we’d get our clothes dirty. I made an egg salad sandwich from a recipe I found in a Country Living magazine. I feel like I’m 85 and keeping magazine recipes as if I’d really actually one day have the time or desire to try it – but surprisingly I did do it! I had to improvise on a few ingredients and that’s how I’ll blame it for not being super fantastic LOL.

Easter attire 2020

I finally wore this dress again, I wore it a few years ago when I got it and then I never wore it again and I don’t know why! It’s so perfect for spring. I really need to put on my dresses more often. I will try harder to dress up a bit more when I can leave the house again. But boy do I love bodysuits and jeans.

I also made lamb for the first time that night! I wanted to do something different to make the day more special because Easter is after all special because of what Christ did for us. But, I don’t want anyone to feel as if they didn’t do anything amazing that you didn’t have a good day or it was a waste – sometimes days or holidays aren’t everything we want, or sometimes they are hard, and that’s OK. One so-so day isn’t equivalent to a bad week or a bad life or bad whatever, it’s just one day.

Before I jump into randomness ramblings to take my mind temporarily away from cleaning, I want to mention the last few hours of Lilly Pulitzer’s 30% off sale today, Monday.


This top is UPF 50+ and lightweight and it’s so cute, it comes in a lighter blue too, sort sleeve, and more colors. I could not resist the cute floral details. Lilly has some great UPF clothing which is great for outdoor activities like golfing, sailing, beach, or gardening days for myself.

Ok now to the random things I wanted to share around here –

  • We are still waiting on a landscape quote. We probably need more than 1 quote but we are really hoping this comes in reasonable so we can hurry up and finish this landscaping project.
  • We need new interior doors (solid wood) and so I need to figure that out.
  • We also want a new laundry room/mud room door. We thought about a new front door but our front door doesn’t face the street and Benjamin would like to keep the security door (not very attractive) but he’s right – we leave the door open often for fresh air and it isn’t as terrible looking now that it’s black and again, no one really sees it since it’s not the front of our house. We would be having a very different conversation otherwise.
  • ¬†I’m still working on my office. I thought about wallpaper, but I’d have to do the entire room. I’m not into the one wall look, it looks great for modern spaces, but I’m traditional and a single statement wall doesn’t work for me any longer.
  • I am now binge watching The Sopranos. I’ve never seen it before. It’s not something I would say is so amazing but it’s interesting enough for me and was highly recommended on Instagram when I ran a poll so I am watching it.
  • I had a frightening food intolerance episode on Saturday from my pork intolerance. I chanced it on prosciutto and the next morning went into a dizzy spell migraine. Pork is incredibly toxic to my body and now I really need to eliminate it 100% out of my diet. I had never experienced something like that before it was terrible.
  • I brought out my sewing machine and sewed a lot of my clothing items to fit better and hope that it will mean I will wear it more now. Let’s hope!
  • Every day or every other day I have a home chore on my calendar – like swiffer the floor, or clean the pantry, etc. Some days I’ll do more than one but it helps me just do something without feeling overwhelmed.
  • My screen time is down during this quarantine. I find I am putting my phone down and being more present in my own life.
  • Also, knowing no one is going out or doing things has lessened my FOMO, haha. No one is doing anything so I know I am not missing out on a thing.
  • I removed organizational trays which I thought was keeping organized only to find they made me keep clutter out longer. If I removed the tray, the stuff has no place to collect, I have to just put it away! Let’s hope this continues post quarantine.
  • We got our photos from Taiwan back, taken by our tour guide. I need to sort through them and share them with my parents and make an album for them and myself. There are lots of printing and photo organization I need to do soon, including my France trip I took this past fall.

Life will go back to normal soon knowing this I’m trying to really enjoy this time being home, doing the home things, and making the most of it. I am sure like you, there is no time to be bored, there’s always something to do, organize, clean, or a new hobby to try or something we always wanted to focus on more. I hope we can take a lot of these great habits or things we’ve learned and apply it to the future when things are back to normal.

Anything new you’ve been doing? Are you loving this time? Sending you love!

Diana Elizabeth loves this time of the year with the blooms, the roses just had their first big bloom so it’s time to fertilize them and trim them to¬†encourage new blooms.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


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