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I chopped my hair short, so many reasons, and here are two more solutions I’ve found that help you get ready faster if your hair is just not happening right now.

Braid your hair

I rarely braid my hair in real life – by real life I mean my every day. I usually spend more time on it while on vacation probably because I want to have different hair in my vacation photos! I also tend to have longer active days while on vacation so a braid keeps my hair in place and out of my way!

Stunning_Braids-(2)-1Stunning Braids: Step-by-StepGuide to Gorgeous Statement Hairstyles, $14 on Amazon (c/o)

The bookmark in the copy of my book is currently a teasing comb – go figure.

I asked Monae what three hair items she would suggest when created braided hair. “When creating braided styles I like to keep serum, texture powder, hair spray, small rubber bands nearby. Serum is awesome for reducing unwanted frizz while braiding. Texture powder helps create wanted fly aways for fashionable braided styles. Hair spray helps keep the style in place. Rubber bands help to secure the braids.”

Here are the braid styles the book teaches:

Credit: Stunning Braids, Courtesy of Ulysses Press/Monae Everett

Spray on elixir mist

I wash my hands probably a half dozen times when I get ready in the morning – from the different liquids and creams I put on my face to hair stuff!

This helps – it’s a spray on elixir mist by RUSK. I use it before I use my $20 flat iron to curl my hair.


Elixir Mist Thermal Shine Mist, $24 (Ulta, Amazon) (c/o)

It’s a hands-free weightless serum – spray it on and done!

  • Eco-friendly, propellant-free aerosol technology
  • Provides 450F heat protection for thermal styling (I needed this badly)
  • Gives shine and condition to hair
  • Detangles hair

Hope that helps you to get ready faster!


Thanks to Ulysses Press, they want to send a reader a copy of Stunning Braids!

Just leave a comment below and that’s your entry! Winner will be selected at random – aka old school raffle tickets.

Comments close on Sunday 11/1. xx

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Deb E

    I’m another who refuses to cut her hair and sports the same long style from the 70s. Heck yes with the braids! I love looking at the pics from this book and see some originals I haven’t tried yet so would love to win a copy. I’ll have to try the texture powder too.

  • Tabitha

    Love braids!

  • Rachel

    I have had long hair for a long time and have never been creative with the styling of it. It would be awesome to do something with all this hair!

  • Stephanie Young

    I had Little House on the Prairie hair growing up, and wasn’t allowed to cut it (When I finally was able to cut it in 4th grade, it was because I kept sitting on it. Ouch!). My hair was always in 1 or 2 french braids, so when my mom broke her arm when I was 7, I quickly learned how to french braid my own hair! That’s about as far as my braiding has gone, tho…would love to try out new styles with that book! :)

  • Carrie

    I cut 12 inches off my hair but I have a little bit left, I think, for a cute little braid. Thanks for the opportunity!

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