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Thanks Melayne for taking my photos :)

I finally made it home to Nor Cal – a trip that was a surprise – but not supposed to be – to my parents. I talk to my mom and dad every 2-3 weeks, with texts and emails often in between. That might be odd to some folks but it certainly doesn’t mean I love them any less. They used to call every day when I was single but that stopped once I got married – like they knew someone would call them if I got eaten by rabid dogs or something, so now I call and they rarely are available to chat, oh the retired life of cruising!

I hadn’t heard any excitement from my parents about my trip so I text them the day of, about my landing time. “What?” said dad. “Nana, did you mean to text that to us? Where are you?” answered my mom. Um seriously, my parents forgot about me! “Who is picking you up from the airport?” my mom text. “I was assuming you guys were!” I answered. Thankfully my room was still there, haha.

diana-elizabeth-blog-travel-fashion-blogger-phoenix-arizona-costa-mesa-california-beach_0005I also got to love on this baby, my college best friend, Paris. He’s about to turn 14. There are so many things he doesn’t do anymore it makes me really sad but I am just grateful for what he can do in his old age – like jump into open bags (studio tote from Parabellum) like I taught him when I first got him so we could go on adventures together. I probably told him I loved him at least a hundred times that week.

Speaking of pups, I got to see one of my best girlfriends Melayne in Costa Mesa. I figured after my week long visit with my folks I’d head down south to spend the weekend with her and Betty. Mmmmm salmon cooking!


We reminisced about our Ireland trip and talked about travel constantly. I can talk about travel experiences all day, isn’t that interesting to realize what you want in life? We chatted about our favorite international places, where we want to go next. If you haven’t seen our Ireland video, see it here. It’s finally at 1,000 views.

I am not done traveling just yet, surprise surprise. But once I am, the weather in Phoenix will be divine and I cannot wait to get back into my garden. All summer it’s fashion/travel posts and come fall you’re just going to see a lot of home and garden – hope you don’t mind!


If you’re still reading after this, God bless you! I’m trying to catch my breath with work after being gone. I told myself I’d devote more time to writing so I’m finally going to publish posts that have been sitting in draft and just do it. Better to just be done than perfect, as the blogging world says.

A few updates –

  1. Window shutters. It’s not really exciting, yet at the same time they are. You’ll see them on the blog I’m sure – the bathroom, our bedroom (I’ve never blogged about it and not sure it’s ready yet), and both our offices will be getting the shutter upgrades this week. It really opens up a room not having the volume of curtains.
  2. I finished (almost) 3 books. This is a huge accomplishment because I rarely read anymore (sad) and I even more so rarely finish a book. I read – Breaking Busy (Christian), Love Your Life Not Theirs (Ramsey Finance), and Big Magic (Creatives). I have a review of Love Your Life Not Theirs coming up and a giveaway – we are big fans of the Ramsey lifestyle here and I’m hoping this review will encourage and change some of your lives!
  3. Storage shed makeover. We’ve been cleaning, donating, hauling our stuff and dropping it off with friends and charities to clear it out all summer – in the heat. Once the weather gets better we can push more things around. I was accusing Benjamin that the storage was full of his junk only to realize I had my share – taxes going back 10 years! I threw away my high school yearbooks, old papers, notes, files, and holiday decor. I had two bikes and I sold one, and I’m itching to do a HUGE home and clothing sale in a few months – everything must go style! It’s crazy how much you can accumulate through blogging.
  4. The purge. We sold our riding lawnmower on Craigslist, and I have large bags of stuff – beauty products, clothing, it all just needs a second life and I need my girlfriends to come over and take their pick.

Now it’s back to work, which I do love. When it’s not fun anymore, I’ll stop and move onto the next thing – that’s what I keep saying. xx