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When I think of protein, I think of two stages in my life. The first is when I competed in pageants and had a personal trainer that put me on a strict protein diet (think protein drinks, yogurt, and chicken only diet). Because of my diet and discipline of working out I had never felt healthier and stronger than ever – I even had a six-pack t show how fit I was! The second is when I had to see a naturopath a few years ago because of fatigue which we discovered was due to my poor diet and lifestyle choices. Who knew staying up late eating and waking up and not eating until 1 pm was bad…? *cringe* I was given a list of protein to eat as soon as I woke up to give myself energy.

We all get busy – and in my case, I cannot wait to wake up in the morning to check my emails. Once I log into my computer I am working away and suddenly look up at the clock and seeing it’s lunch time and all I’ve had is a coffee, oh no. Not those bad habits again!

I’m usually starving by lunch and in the work zone, but I know I must make myself a priority and eat! With a husband who sometimes works from home if he’s not in the operating room, I don’t really want to make lunch, let’s be honest because then I have to do it again in a few hours for dinner.

Frozen foods are my jam – and I remember reading in a lifestyle book that frozen foods can absolutely be nutritious because some vegetables are flash frozen keeping their nutrition in them. Since, I’ve been thankful for them.

I was asked if I wanted to sample a box of food from Conagra Brands to taste their products and well, frozen foods is definitely my lifestyle and I will never pass up food – haha! I was on board to give them a taste throughout the week and report back so you can try them out.

The main thing that I found important is – PROTEIN! And so, I’ll share the photo of the product, about the taste and then give you the protein info because I find that detail incredibly important.

getting frozen foods

For a week instead of skipping lunch or scrambling for something I decided to try these three products sent and tell you about them. I also want to highlight what I think is important, the grams of protein.

Birds Eye Chicken Alfredo SSM

This popular meal that is usually a family size now comes in a single-serve bowl!  We are huge Alfredo fans and well, you know chicken is good protein. It’s great to just have a single serving option for when it’s just you. The Birds Eye® Chicken Alfredo Bowl is made with premium ingredients – the pasta is made from 100% vegetables – lentil flour and zucchini. The great news about pasta being made from veggies means you get an extra half-cup of vegetables per serving! It was definitely delicious, Alfredo approval, check. Protein: 26 grams.

Healthy Choice Vegetarian Power Bowls – Mango Edamame

A filling, vegetarian power bowl mixed with a Red wine vinaigrette. I am a fan of Healthy Choice Power Bowls, I have worked with them before and got addicted we often have them in our freezer since I discovered them (also one of the many reasons I love blogging, I get to discover cool products and integrate them into our lifestyle). Though I’m not a vegetarian I have to tell you that I would definitely consider a vegetarian meal, sometimes I cannot believe how great I feel after eating a veggie meal. In the bowl is a mix of vegetarian ingredients: crisp edamame, sweet mango, dried cherries and sunflower seeds. Protein: 10 grams. 

Evol Cilantro Lime Chicken Burrito

EVOL’s cilantro lime chicken burrito is as mouth watering as it sounds. It’s clean eating and minimal use of added sugars. Filled with white meat chicken raised without antibiotics paired with black beans, brown rice, cheddar cheese, roasted corn, and an authentic tomato salsa inside a flour tortilla. Benjamin loves tacos, burritos, he said he could eat Mexican food every day, haha! So I know he’d love this – so I split it with him – Benjamin approved. Protein: 14 grams. 

Next time you’re in the frozen food section you can check out these items and see if they fit in your lifestyle. I tend to eat in front of the computer and I have been trying to stop doing that – especially since we have these comfy new barstools. I’ll often sit at the kitchen counter and just enjoy my meal, send a video chat to a friend or flip through a magazine.

Trying to decide what to write to make myself sound interesting.


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