Viewing people and things as products (according to Joy)

was thrifting a few weeks ago (no surprise, have you seen my Thrift with Me IGTVs lately?) and I came across Joy Mangano’s book “Inventing Joy”. While I could have bought it for $1.50 (or under $4 now on Amazon) I decided to look up the audio book on Libby – a free app that connects to your free library card and you can listen to audiobooks for free! I discovered this by complaining on IG stories about the cost of audiobooks on Amazon.

I love listening to audiobooks, especially by celebrities. Anyway, Joy has had a movie about her life (played by Jennifer Lawrence) and is an inventor of the Miracle Mop and many other household goods. She talks about looking at people and the objects in our life as products. They should work well for us and make our life easier – and we have the control to adjust those products – she says it in a much more eloquent way. The idea is that we are still in control, if the house doesn’t work for us, fix it do something about it, or move. If certain relationships are toxic and not working in our benefit, it’s time to move on from them. Don’t stay stagnant because you feel like you can’t do anything about it, get up and do something because you can.

Joy said look for the light, bright people, those who are positive and not the ones who are negative and bring us down. For the most part I’ve been blessed with so many encouragers in my life who are always lifting me up and supporting me, I am so proud of the collection I have around me, what a blessing. We have the choice to pick those who are around us and who we allow to play a part in our lives, it’s an important choice we can make.

Haven’t we all been guilty of keeping things in our life that aren’t working great for us? Jobs, people, things, we are truly a product of our environment and if our environment isn’t working, we aren’t really working to our fullest potential!

I found this book very inspirational and it kept me busy as I painted two walls in the house, and found myself talking out loud to myself, many parts of her story were unbelievable and she deserves all the success because she worked so hard! And now as I am about to watch the movie again “Joy” on Amazon Prime.

Taking this inspiration and new thought process, I will be putting it toward clearing out this house of things that aren’t working. Oh, and finally fixing up the things I just need to fix because this new beautiful air vent I installed 8 months ago that has just blowing air straight down on me, just isn’t working. And I’m reminded of it at this very moment sitting on the couch watching Joy.

Photo by Kate Nelle Photography, HMUA Lizzy Marsh

Diana Elizabeth can’t wait for end of September, or October really to garden. She’s so garden deprived she started seeding again.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


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