Photo tour of Prague: Old Town Square

Pretty Prague

Photo guide to Prague: Petrin Hill

I didn’t know much about Prague until I mentioned it to a few friends that I was planning to visit my girlfriend and everyone raved saying they loved Prague and it was one of their favorite and most beautiful places they had seen. I also felt like I was one of the late ones to join the Prague party, so many friends and social media chimed in and I wanted to be like, hey why did you guys not tell me about this gem earlier? I suppose timing is everything because I went to visit Michelle who has been living there for the past two months so I had the ultimate tour guide and sweet personal photographer.

Did you now the city was considered to beautiful by Hitler that he spared its destruction during WWII?

Did you now the city was considered to beautiful by Hitler that he spared its destruction during WWII? I hate that just wrote Hitler on my blog but I had to mention that a man so evil could even find beauty – if that says anything captivating about Prague, there you go.

Here are a few highlights I waned to share and just in case you want to visit, here’s a guide of the places we went to – that I remember anyway. There were a ton of gardens we went to. I’ll let Michelle add in the comments part any places I might have forgotten.

  • Prague Castle (view)
  • The Wallenstein Garden
  • Petrin Hill
  • John Lennon wall
  • Old Town Square
  • Charles Bridge
  • Letna Park (view)

The culture: Keep in mind that it was a former communist country with a lot of history. The declared religion is Atheist, and I wouldn’t call it overly friendly or warm. I found the men to be less intimidating to speak to and were kind, so I wanted to mention it so you don’t get your feelings hurt when you arrive. ;)

Jewish Memorials: Look for the plaques on the ground that are in front of the homes belonging to victims of the Holocaust, read more about it here.

Petrin Hill

Photo guide to Prague: Petrin Hill

This view – this is what you want! After 14 hours on a plane, Michelle thinks it’s a great idea to make me walk up 300 stairs, haha! It looked like an Eiffel Tower.

Tip – take the elevator pay the extra few bucks and do it. Michelle loves exercise and she bought my ticket so I didn’t have a choice, but the top was ridiculous!! We took a tram up, I would recommend that. We walked down through a park, all the stairs nearly killed me on the first day but I survived , obviously.

Photo guide to Prague: Petrin Hillphoto guide to Prague: rose garden at top of Prague, Czech Republic

There was also an observatory where we saw Venus and the sun through a telescope and there was a rose garden up there.

Old Town Square

Photo guide to Prague: Old town square

Michelle’s apartment is in Praha 1 which is pretty much off the Rodeo Drive of Prague. It’s right around the corner from Hermes and Tiffany & Co, and Old Town Square – right here. We got up early and took some pics because it is insanely busy in Prague with tourists through the night so the best time is early morning.

Prague Castle

Photo guide to Prague: St. Vitus Cathedral

We walked up to Prague Castle which has a large church inside (above). You can watch the changing of the guards but of course everyone has their phones up so I just decided to watch and enjoy it. It’s more casual than London but it’s still pretty cool to watch anyway.

Photo guide to Prague: view from top of Prague castle Photo guide to Prague: view from top of Prague castle

From there we headed down to walk around the town and shop! Oh, and eat.

Streets of Praguewood carving shop store in Prague
I saw this sign for food and it said hot dog and I was like, SOLD! A trdelnik is a hallow split cake and usually filled with ice cream or something sweet. I went for the hot dog because they win in my book, sometimes even over ice cream. I know.

Trdelnik in Prague makingTrdelnik in Prague

I made the guy smile for my photo when he handed it to me – LOL, I can tell he just loved it.

Trdelnik in PragueTrdelnik in Prague

Yes it was amazing, I could have eaten one every day. Landon insisted where I should stand so he could take a photo with his trdlnik buddy.

Here are a few souvenirs I picked up from there – nesting dolls and some cute Christmas ornaments. They look vintage I had to have them! They apparently are made from an art school for practice then sold in some stores so some are pricier than others. I also want to point out it was Avery’s idea to have her hand in there playing with it. She was like my little assistant and helped me set this up. I adore her, she’s 7 going on 17!

Guide to Prague souvenirs

Later that night we went back to Prague Castle for lighting purposes. Took the bus this time, thanks Michelle.

Photo guide to Prague: taking the busPhoto guide to Prague: Steps to Prague CastlePhoto guide to Prague: St. Vitus CathedralSuede cap: H&M / Satin Parka: H&M / Leggings: Define Your Inspiration / High tops: FitFlop / Backpack: Neiman Marcus Last Call (similar)

Photo guide to Prague: view from top of Prague castle

We had also stopped by The Wallenstein Garden where they do summer concerts, someone said they had a Harry Potter instrumental night. We had just missed it but it looked amazing and the garden was gorgeous.

I tell you there’s so much to do in Prague and it’s really HUGE – you saw the opening photo. I know I just scratched the surface.

Guide to Prague: The Wallenstein Garden

Charles Bridge

Photo guide to Prague: Charles BridgeScalloped Jacket: H&M – wearing size 6, also in black / Floral top: H&M, old / Jeans: J Brand

We woke up early to get a crowd-free photo at Charles Bridge. The locks are tradition like you lock away a secret and throw the key away in the river. Wonder how many locked up secrets there are, right?

We walked across with lots of early risers enjoying a quiet place to take a photo.

Photo guide to Prague: Charles Bridge

Saw this little alleyway and had to snap a photo, the light was just jaw dropping between these tall buildings. It’s one of my favorite things about Europe, cobblestone streets with narrow alleyways and the light peeping through.

Photo guide to Prague: Charles Bridge

The view from a park, the other side of Charles Bridge.

We made friends for a few hours with a tourist named John from Chicago/Detroit with his son and we chatted with them and he showed us where the John Lennon wall was. Isn’t it fun when other tourists share some cool places to go? I think we are so much friendlier when we travel, it’s like common souls with a love for travel that when we meet internationally we just get each other.

It also makes me reflect on how I treat other tourists. If you travel abroad often, you are much more welcoming to others and helping them find places, just a thought. What we experience we remember and want to pass along to others.

Photo guide to Prague: John Lennon graffiti wall

Letna Park

Photo guide to Prague: Letna ParkSatin Parka: H&M – wearing size 6 / Jeans: J Brand / High tops: FitFlop / Backpack: Neiman Marcus Last Call (similar)

150+ stairs to get to this view and a park up top for the kiddos. I left my water bottle by this spot and thankfully 5 year old Landon ran all the way back to get it for me. Thank goodness for children who have so much energy because it would have taken me like 10 minutes and it took him 2.

And that, is Prague. I had two and a half days there and felt like I did see the best parts thanks to Michelle knowing where to go. She mentioned a lot of churches were around but I just wanted to do sights and go where locals go, shop, and that made me super happy. I have to work on a personal video, sometimes it gets hard to do videos while taking photos too and all you want to do is just enjoy the moment and not spend too much taking photos. Even though I have quite a bit, I don’t nearly enough as you think I would or should – I take shots quickly and move on. I don’t need to take a photo every two steps because that’s not being present, that’s living through your camera.

But of course, when you feel compelled to take a photo – take one.

Photo guide to Prague: Old town square

And then jump for joy because you’re on the other side of the world, Prague! Catch my video here.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.

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  • Michelle

    SO fun seeing all the photos of your visit last week. Yes, there is SO much to see here and so much rich history … we definitely did just a few of the highlights. If anyone wants to know more about historical sites to visit here, I’d be happy to mention a few of our favorites. Of course, I also have a list of what to do here while traveling with children. We MISS YOU!!! Thankful for our time together. xx


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