Pouring Over My Old Blog Posts About Life, Love, Work, and God

I took some time the other night when I should have been in bed (but couldn’t sleep no thanks to a small Coke Zero I decided to have at 8 pm). I am so caffeine sensitive – even a hot cocoa will keep me buzzed. I have a task of trying to figure out how to add the Instagram story widget to my blog (still working on it, totally failing right now), and I started to dig back to old personal posts.

I also still to this day, regret deleting my old WordPress blog after the broken engagement as if I was trying to just move on from that life and pretend it never happened. I so wish I didn’t because those words were raw, real and of joy and some not, but it was my stage of life, where words rolled off my tongue without a care in the world. There were no blog sponsorships, blogs simply existed as public diary, therapeutic, really.

So I thought I would share a bit of wisdom I found myself sharing on this blog – shall we call it “The Best of the Blog.”

Reading the past words have stirred up my heart in many emotions, making me realize how God is continually working in us to get us to the finish line.

You may not know the journey you’re on, or the length until you reach your goal (or His goal) but there is so much to discover.

These past snippets I share just moved me and motivated me – and I said it (shocking!) and I thought I would compile a few here to share with you and share my thoughts about what I’m currently experiencing at the end of this post. I think we should be proud of our past, share it and give ourselves credit that we survived, pushed though hard times and came out on the other side and are able to encourage others.



“I can easily recall the times when I would make a point to remember a moment in my life.  That – acknowledge how much fun you’re having and what a cool thing this is and soak in the feeling and sounds, moment.  If I think about those bookmarks I’ve made in my life so far, I can instantly be taken back to that memory.  And, I love it. Of course, there are those bookmarked moments in life where you’d much rather forget.  Being delivered bad news, a single instance that changes everything, the end of a relationship, the unexpected departure of someone who you never imagined living life without, a moment of embarrassment or ridicule, even those tough times of childhood.  Yes, some instances we don’t want a bookmark, but sometimes they are seared in our brain because of their impact or intensity of rocking our world.  But, I’m convinced that all the good bookmarks – the moments you want to remember, will override all those bad ones….Then you continue to live life, you make new memories, and you bookmark those.” (original post: Bookmarks in Life)

“There was a quote that a friend posted as her status on Facebook that moved me.  “Everything you could possibly want in life is right outside your comfort zone.” Well, I am out of my comfort zone…I sent an email to my Financial Advisor telling him I was rolling over another 401K plan into my IRA.  He wrote me back, and clearly, my dad had recently spoken to him, ‘Your Dad seems pretty excited for your prospects – go get’em.'” (original post)

“The other day I wrote in my calendar, “Pack up el carro.” which at the time, it meant to pack up the car prior to the big Glam Garage Sale.  When my calendar reminder popped up on my Droid I stared at it a good while, puzzled, wondering what Mexican restaurant I was supposed to head to…My desk is covered with dirty dishes. Which means, I eat my meals IN FRONT OF THE COMPUTER.” (original post: I’m Losing it Guys)

“No one is in control of your own happiness or stress level but yourself.  You’ve heard me say it once and I’ll say it again, I truly believe stress is an attitude choice.  Choose your attitude.  Every minute of your life can be enjoyed – not by the things you possess, the accomplishments you have, or the things you buy, but the attitude you have.  No one can take that away from you.  I believe in creating humor out of typical boring scenarios.  I believe in creating laughter when there isn’t any, being sarcastic (but never in a mean way), and forgiving and forgetting because life is all about learning.” (original post: Enjoying Life – I bought a house!)


“I’ve loved so hard and lost so suddenly and painfully, that I gave myself a bloody nose from crying so hard.  I’ve been in so much pain that I have actually dropped to my knees like the movies.  I’ve loved like the movies.  I’ve been put down and insulted only to feel two inches tall by someone I thought loved me, yet would abandon me.  I’ve felt every high, low, and in between just like you. Seeing the silver lining in a hurtful situation is nearly impossible when you can barely see past the tears that have clouded your eyes. I only know what I’ve experienced and I’m able to survive every hardship by the grace of God.” (original post: Fall in Love)

“I finally found a man I truly respected and admired all around. A man who could lead me spiritually, encourage me in all the right ways, and bring out the absolute best in me. What joy!” (original post: How I met my (future) Husband)

“Katy shared an analogy that went something like this: The girl is like a diamond and a guy is a setting. The best setting would allow the girl to shine and he would lift her up so she could catch the light beautifully and sparkle.  In other words, she’d be radiant because she would the best she can be because the right “setting” would compliment her.” (original post: Dating Analogy)


“Asking someone like myself to write down 10 things they want from God is like a genie asking a thirsty, desperate man in the desert for his three wishes.  The biggest difference is that the Genie has no discernment or concern if your three wishes are insane, whereas God who is all knowing and works all things together for my good, can sort of “filter” my top 10 prayer requests and answer them if He finds them suitable.  It may also take more than 12 months for Him to answer them, too.  This, is what I have learned after following Him for the past four years of my life.  This, is also more than OK with me.” (original post: 29 and Fine)

“When you make a prayer list about whatever it is, you suddenly begin to realize so much about yourself.  You realize a lot about what you’ve been through, how you may have been scarred, what your dreams, hopes and aspirations are, and how simple or complex you might be.  You suddenly see what your priorities in life are.” (original post: It’s Alright it’s OK)

“Several nights ago, I had shared that I felt like I was given a second chance at life.  The days that I’m living now are everything wonderful, amazing and fulfilling that I believe what I am experiencing right now far exceeds what I could have ever imagined I wanted years ago.  I would pick these very days, all of this, a million times over if I had known that all I had to do was let go and let God.  He is so, so very good, I had never forgotten, but I was impatiently waiting for Him to move me.  He’s scooted me along to a wonderful place and I am reminded that His way is perfect, good, and oh so wonderful and I delight being in His presence.” (original post: Happy)

“Recently, I had a business dilema.  My dad’s the ultimate business man.  My dad’s response was not what I wanted to hear. “Ugh, dad!”  He replied, “Hey, ok then.  How about this.  How about you just concentrate on being a good Christian.”  Aaaand, even though that was the same answer as what my dad gave me previously just in a different form, that solved the problem right then and there.” (original post: A Man Like My Dad)


“I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again.  When you work for yourself, you work more.  Longer, and harder.  I’m not sure if this is the right way to do things just yet (convinced its not, but also convinced this is the start of me getting used to working for myself).  But the awesome part is, you get to take a break whenever you want.  As long as you want.  However, the trick is to actually convince yourself to stop working and take a break.” (original post: Work-a-Holic)

“Be passionate about what you do. Love it. Build it up. Don’t let your dreams die. And sometimes, while it’s hard, you will have to attempt to reinvent the wheel. Don’t be afraid to be different, talk about your business with confidence, and enjoy every minute you put into your business. After all, you wouldn’t have gone this far if you weren’t sure this was your passion.” (deleted blog)


“My mom emailed me and asked if I’ve cooked a meal for my husband yet.  Well, sheesh.  I went grocery shopping recently and so far, I’ve made a nice sandwich for him for lunch.  He hasn’t had any stomach problems from that meal or died yet, so maybe I’ll move onto dinner.” (original post: Adjusting to the Mrs. Title)

“According to Benjamin, the difference of being married and living with a girl includes: 1) More trash, especially the bathroom trash and 2) Water, everywhere, around the sink.  And to me, the only difference is – I turn on the TV and it’s always on sports or some other manly station I never knew existed.” (original post: Sharing Space and the Remote)


I laugh at the last snippets of me sharing our newlywed life. That summarizes our marriage perfectly, filled with humor and light heartedness. I can’t believe it’ll be 7 years this winter.

When I read these memories, good or sad, it reminds me how our minds are powerful, complex, beautiful and sometimes rather annoying things, aren’t they? Sometimes I find our brain can get in the way. And I have found that mine works better at night.

I don’t like talking about vulnerability, when there are brands scanning my blog for the latest posts to see pretty photos, keywords, and collaborations. It is still my livelihood, but writing like this also seems like it keeps me alive. Writing personal posts take time, thought, slowing down, sorting thoughts and thinking deeply. None of which you are used to doing while scrolling through Instagram nowadays.

I’m babbling. If you’ve made it this far, God bless you. I just want to remind myself, and maybe you too, my friend, to slow down. Feel the emotions of life, feel what’s around you, and give yourself a pat on the back for the hard work you’ve put in over the years that give you a beautiful today. Or maybe your today isn’t beautiful at all right now and it’s a huge mess, but you know this will pass, and like those old painful posts I shared, they will one day bring you to a better tomorrow.

Toast to the pain that brought you here, learning, growing and appreciating where you are in life because God knows, it’s exactly where you’re supposed to be. ♥

Photo by Autumn Renae

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.



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