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My summer tour has kicked off starting with a trip to New York – I’m currently enjoying the Big Apple! A visit to Tucson, San Diego, Sacramento, and Costa Mesa to follow, my summer will be filled with – planes, beaches and pools – which is great considering were in triple digit summers in Phoenix.

From flights to sandy beaches, to laying out at the pool, my eyes will need some care in addition to dealing with the summer desert heat. My optometrist has told me I need to incorporate eye drops into my daily routine, and when I wore contacts, it was just the worst – I was clearly not born with winning peepers.



However, thanks to modern technology – thank you LASIK, I was able to ditch my thick as windshield glasses a few years ago, and thanks to healthcare advancements – Clear Eyes® Pure Relief™ helps keep my peepers happy and healthy.



New Clear Eyes® Pure Relief™ for Dry Eyes is preservative free (doctors recommend preservative free drops for dry eyes) and provides up to 12 hours of comfort. There’s over 240 drops in each bottle and a purifying filter that keeps out bacteria.

This summer in addition to new swimsuits, sunglasses, and hats, I upgraded my eye cream to one with an SPF coverage, and include Clear Eyes® Pure Relief™ for Dry Eyes in my bag.


Depending on what I’m doing – running errands, traveling or laying out by the pool or beach, I have my comforts readily available in a small tote that I can transfer to a larger bag – travel tote, beach bag, or purse.

Tips –

  • Have a small bag with your essentials, so you can easily transport it bag to bag
  • Have your beach bag, carry on bag, packed with the things you might already need – a book to read at the beach or on the plane, eye mask, swim goggles, sunblock – that way you can just go!
  • Have you heard of a purse liner/organizer? I had one a few years back and I want one again now that I’m using totes all summer. You can keep all your essentials in a tote and easily transfer it from bag to tote, or beach tote as needed.



I love this clutch, I have a similar one in gold (words in French), but when I saw this “hello” and “goodbye” clutch I had to have it for daytime! The wrists strap makes it easier to hold when I’m gripping the bottom.



 I somehow trained myself to fall asleep on planes before takeoff.

I love packing a sleeping eye mask that blocks 100% of the light (it blocks light from entering by your nose).I put in a few eye drops, and say goodnight, then wake up in my new destination sooner than expected.


Swim googles for swimming under water at the pool (also comes in handy for the shower after eyelash extension appointments!).

I used to be a little fish growing up, always playing water games and not coming in until my finger pads were wrinkly! I never wore goggles swimming which wasn’t very good for my eyes and now that my peepers are 20/20 vision I want to use every precaution to make sure I keep them protected by any means – sun glasses, hat, eye drops and goggles.

Additional eye-saving tips

Turn down the brightness on computer and tablet screens so eyes are strained – especially at night. Make sure you also occasionally look away from your computer screen at work. I also keep eye drops in my desk drawer, ah relief!

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Going anywhere fun this summer?

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Christina

    Tucson?? Well I hope we can give you a monsoon and a few degrees of cooler weather while you visit!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      In a few weeks! I sure hope so too – I missed monsoon last summer I was gone too much! Already craving Beyond Bread… Betty’s Brie.. yum ;)


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