Polishing Silver


We had some beautiful family heirlooms given to us as wedding gifts – from Benjamin’s parents.  The quilt was hand stitched by his great aunts, some porcelain and silver.

I wanted to share how to polish silver.  It’s really easy, my mother-in-law taught me!  She bought me Wright’s Silver Cream.


It’s like a polish and has a sponge in it. You just rub in the cream and rub it all over the silver.


The tarnish comes off on the sponge and you rinse it off with water and keep going.  Then you rinse the entire item in water and wipe it off.




I place our things in this mango wood hutch I bought from Wisteria.


I need to style it a bit more, right now it has Mr. Wonderful’s baby booties, toys, shoes, wedding stuff and the bottom drawers are all my photo albums when I was young.


On another note, I have a little personal story to share.  I call my mother-in-law “mom” in person, in emails, and on the phone.  I don’t use her first name.  When Benjamin and I dated, I addressed her as Mrs. Steffen, that’s just how I was raised and I think as a culture, we’ve just turned too casual.  My mom called my grandma (my dad’s mom) “Mom” and I always liked that there was a blend.  Like a – you are also my mom, thought.  I know the times have changed and I actually think I’m the only one out of anyone I know who calls my mother-in-law “Mom” and not her first name, but I love that Benjamin and I both call each other’s mom and dad’s, “mom” and “dad” I just love it for so many reasons I almost can’t explain.

I remember when it was a few days before I was about to get married and my mom and I were at the kitchen sink and she said, “Nana (my nickname growing up since I couldn’t say my name), when you are married you need to call Benjamin’s mom, ‘mom'” ok?” I love my mom’s heart and her encouragement to do that.  I know some parents who might be all territorial with the mom title, like “I’m your mom!” and that’s just kinda of strange to me.  I like that saying it says – your mom is my mom and your dad is my dad!  Just wanted to share that moment with my mom and how it might not be how most families are now, but it simply makes me happy to have had that conversation with my mom and be able to do what I saw her do with my grandma growing up.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Carissa

    I may just try it out! My husband says that his mom would just absolutely love it if I called her mom.

    I think it is so funny what you said about your gf calling you “friend.”
    Someone I know does the same thing to me and I feel the SAME WAY. It does seem so patronizing! Haha.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Oh my gosh now you just have to! ;)

      I laughed when I read about that friend comment. I used to have a sign that says “Welcome Friend!” and now I can’t even stand to look at it I have to put it away for a break. Two words I don’t like and rarely use: “Friend” in that context, and “literally”. You will never hear me say the word “literally,” ever.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      I would rather use the word “seriously” than “literally” – strange?

  • Carissa

    It’s so cool that you received family heirlooms for your wedding.

    It’s so nice that you call your in-laws by “mom” and “dad.”
    I call my mama-in-law by her first name but I have always kind of wanted to switch to “mom”
    I know my own mom wouldn’t mind, she has always done the same for her in-laws. It’s definitely a generational thing. Very few people that I know use Mom and Dad for their spouse’s parents.
    I wonder if it’s because parents stopped saying “just call me dad!” …you know?
    Maybe I could somehow transition without it being awkward.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      I thought that was interesting too! My mother and father in law did it for the other boys when they got married too – one from each of their parents wedding gift, and one of theirs. I loved it! And grandma made us an afghan.

      I think you’re right that it’s a generational thing but also parents did stop saying the permission factor. My dad told Benjamin, “You can call me dad” right after we got married it was so cute. My inlaws never told me that but I just did anyway! Haha :)

      I would just start saying it to be honest. Right when they walk in the door – hi mom! hi dad! And just do it when it comes naturally. That makes me think when my gf calls me “friend” like “hi friend” and I hate it it sounds patronizing but I think it’s going to be completely different when you just say it like you’d be calling their name instead like “mom, look at this!”


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