Planting + Transplanting

The sun decided to come out after all the rain.

I decided it was time to replace our basil that couldn’t survive the night time freeze.  I even chopped them thinking maybe they’d spring back.  Hm, probably not.  So in went two basil and a parsley. I need cilantro next.

I’m prepping our backyard for a huge delivery from Whitfill Nursery in February, after we are in the clear of any future freezing temperatures.  I figured since the soil was soft, it’d be easier to transfer a honeysuckle to the other end of the storage shed since I want a climbing rose bush, most likely a Lady Banks to take over the corner.

I do wear my garden wellies (similar).  I used to wear flip flops but dirt on my feet just bothered me.  Pay no attention to all that winter grass that got in our area, I still need to spray and then add top soil.  I am constantly reminded of the scripture from Genesis about the ground being cursed after the fall, “Thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for you; and you shall eat the plants of the field.”   Then I remind myself there will be no weeds in heaven.

I am just as traumatized as the worm when I “half a worm” when I am gardening.  Thankfully this guy made it in one piece.  If only they could tell me where they were so I wouldn’t hurt them.

I can’t believe I just posted a photo of a worm on my blog.

This corner is where I want to add the climbing roses.  I bought this antique glass door from For the Love of Old with the purpose of using it as a guest room  headboard.  Mr. Wonderful freaked out and told me someone would crack their head on the glass and bleed and die in bed.  So into storage it went for months until we decided to pop out the glass and use it as a climbing trellis.  We still need to anchor it to the wall with trellis mounts.  I need to weather proof it since the wood will eventually decay.

This digital timer has been amazing for us when we use our garden hoses for winter rye or to water our baby citruses.  We’re actually going to be installing a sprinkler system next month for the winter seeding season and use irrigation during the summer. The purple bushes are Hopseed which grows super well in the desert and can thick and tall as a hedge.  It’s so odd, the bushes that face south turned purple while the ones in the front of our home are green.  I know they are from the same mother.  Hm, maybe they’ve just gotten a tan.

The brick border is repurposed.  We went into the alley and found a pile since our neighbor expanded their home.  Mr. Wonderful brought a few in and I laid them around our precious plants to protect them from weed wacker abuse.  You could probably see it better had we mowed this week – no chance with the rain.

It sure is nice to see clouds in the sky.  Then I suddenly heard a loud buzz.  See him?

He even let me get close with my 50mm/1.2.  Can you say, pretty bird?

Diana Elizabeth can’t wait for February, planting month!  She was hesitant on showing her gardening in progress but hey, it’s all about being real on her blog.  

Trying to decide what to write to make myself sound interesting.


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