Pique Tea Crystals

Have you joined the tea movement? I am loving all the tea options and if it was possible, I knew I’d find it! An efficient tea product called Pique Tea! They are packets of tea crystals composed of whole leaf tea, brewed, and crystallized – dissolves in hot or cold water instantly!

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Featuring black tea, earl grey tea, and green tea they are easily portable for travel, those exotic vacays, or just those exotic day to day errand running trips *wink*

Boost metabolism on those summer trips where you will be eating and drinking away in the Mediterranean. Tea helps you metabolize meals and alcohol faster so you can stay energized and keep up with sightseeing like museum, hiking, all outdoor activities, wine/food tours, and island hopping. Best of all, tea is also hydrating for those hot summer months. Pique Tea Crystals are convenient and dissolves in cold water and is highly portable for travel.

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Thanks Pique Tea for sponsoring this video and post.

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