PHOENIX magazine’s annual Summer Getaways issue came out in May and I’m happy to finally show these shots I took last fall! The early release of the issue – May instead of June meant less time to get these shots together, hence the early shots in the year.

There was quite a bit of traveling, I did three shots in one day up in Sedona. One, being the amazing and charming chef Lisa Dahl. This is her new restaurant Mariposa, a latin inspired grill which in Spanish means “butterfly”.  It also boasts some spectacular views of Sedona, I highly recommend visiting when you’re up there and give the gorgeous Lisa my regards.

lisa-dahl-close-up-223 lisa-dahl-sedona-mariposa-restaurant-114
Next was the Vineyards Bed and Breakfast in Page Springs. So charming, right next to a vineyard and a place I’d like to photograph with old trees and open skies.

vineyards-bed-breakfast-cornville-118 vineyards-bed-breakfast-cornville-126 vineyards-bed-breakfast-cornville-130

If you’re in need for some meditation, 7 Centers Yoga Arts can help you with that.

7-centers-yoga-arts-sedona-111 7-centers-yoga-arts-sedona-126 7-centers-yoga-arts-sedona-145

I also want to make note that I illegally parked my car at the bottom of this hill, climbed up it in heeled boots and took this shot. I was sweating and thought I was going to slide down the rock but it’s all for the sake of a shot – and unfortunately this shot didn’t make the magazine cut, but that’s how editorial photography goes. If anything, I sure have a great memory and it was worth a hike up Sedona airport vortex.

When I saw that this shot made one of the mock covers, (in addition to another) I was pretty happy to see that!