Painting on horses in a lovely setting with your girlfriends? Sign me up. This assignment from PHOENIX magazine was a special one because two of my girlfriends from Northern California (we went to Hawaii for my 3oth) came out to model for my assignment. We made it a girl’s road trip – even though I was technically working.

The setting is a very luxurious getaway known as Miraval Resort, a luxury hideaway, a spot where the Kourtney and Scott stayed on an episode of the Kardashians. Did you know Kourtney attended the UofA?

We woke up early to show what a relaxing girl’s weekend would look like, starting with painting on horses which is therapeutic for people and the retired horse as well.

miraval-tucson-by-diana-elizabeth-photography-111 miraval-tucson-by-diana-elizabeth-photography-113miraval-tucson-by-diana-elizabeth-photography-148

Isn’t this a lovely setting? One thing I wasn’t expecting was for my girlfriends to be so artistic! I should also note that both Brittany and Rachel own several horses of their own, so they were absolutely loving this.

See Rachel’s shoot we did in Northern California here, and Brittany’s shoot here.

miraval-tucson-by-diana-elizabeth-photography-134 miraval-tucson-by-diana-elizabeth-photography-137miraval-tucson-by-diana-elizabeth-photography-116miraval-tucson-by-diana-elizabeth-photography-138 miraval-tucson-by-diana-elizabeth-photography-141miraval-tucson-by-diana-elizabeth-photography-146

Next up, a massage and pool time.
miraval-tucson-by-diana-elizabeth-photography-163 miraval-tucson-by-diana-elizabeth-photography-178miraval-tucson-by-diana-elizabeth-photography-157 miraval-tucson-by-diana-elizabeth-photography-184miraval-tucson-by-diana-elizabeth-photography-194miraval-tucson-by-diana-elizabeth-photography-186

Cheers to a girl’s weekend – and to girlfriends who are photogenic and will fly out to spend time with you and model for your photo assignment!