laguna-pearl-earrings-blogger-review-99189mm Tahitian South Sea Pearl Stud Earrings, $299 (reg $799) c/o

“Di! Are those 9’s or 10’s?” exclaimed Meagan. A fine jewelry expert and an attentive bestie.

I loved her for taking notice of my anniversary gift from Mr. Wonderful, a set of pearl earrings. My mom and the Mr. been a great gifter of fine jewelry for special occasions and I always consider fine jewelry a perfect anniversary or special occasion gift, a nice splurge of an investment. Fine jewelry is what you’ll wear for the rest of your life and be reminded of the milestone every time you wear it.

I have always been a fan of pearls – you can’t go wrong with a pearl anything!


Last week, I picked out a pretty pair of 9mm Tahitian south sea pearls courtesy of Laguna Pearl. They are natural pearls from the farms of Tahiti in French Polynesia. Since I wear a lot of black, white and really neutrals – the Tahitian pearls have been on my radar for a long time – now I have an ivory and Tahitian pearl (often referred to as black pearl).

The earrings came with a certificate of authenticity.


If you were wondering what Meagan meant when she asked if a pair of pearls I owned were 9’s or 10s, she was referring to the mm – the diameter of the pearl. The larger the number, the larger the pearl, it’s a look you may desire, large or dainty – you have to figure out your signature style. I did a little research and if it comes to choosing size, 7mm-8mm is the standard for pearl necklaces. 9mm-10mm are considered luxury, and if you want a true statement piece, 13mm-16mm. Pearl rings, pendant necklaces are beautiful options.

Why is the black pearl called Tahitian pearl? It’s from the black lip oyster and they are primarily cultivated around the islands of French Polynesia, around Tahiti. They have a graphite color and in certain light can also be bluish, green, purple overtones.

This is where Tahiti is:


I’m going to consider these Tahitian pearl earrings as  a blogging milestone, a reminder of where I am because I’ve allowed my career world evolve, I’m a gal who will be constantly creating herself. Thanks Laguna Pearl for the milestone gift that I’ll think about every time I wear this piece.

Something to keep in mind, especially with pearls – put on your makeup and spray your hair, and perfume on, then put your jewelry on last. Product sprays and perfumes can harm pearls.


How do you like to wear pearls? Do you have a meaningful heirloom piece? Tell me about it.

Thanks to Laguna Pearl for sponsoring this post.