Paper Map Dresses


I was inspired to make paper dresses from old maps by a few items on a flash home sale site but the price tag was $300-$400.  I know I spent a hefty price tag on this artwork, but that was an oil painting.

I found the Paris and London map at Aaron Brothers and these two 5×7 shadow frames (but they hold 4×6) on sale – the total was about $45 because of the buy one frame get the second for a penny – the sale might be over but it comes around again come summer time, July.


You could also consider saving maps when you travel and just cut it out when you return.

Other places to find maps (which are really wrapping paper) at Paper Source here.

For the pleats in the dress I thought I would fold it, but that doesn’t work well AT ALL.  Instead I cut everything and just used ZOTS adhesives. I took out the mat board and would place it over what I was making to see if it was cut to scale or not.

My office is now overly full of art that I need to do a bit of rearranging or purging – I’m pretty sure it will be a purge.

Trying to decide what to write to make myself sound interesting.



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