Packing the Pretties

Hello from North Carolina, I left Charlotte (brother-in-law got married in Asheville) took a train to Durham to see my girlfriend Geni who is an amazing senior photographer who I met years ago on Twitter and we’ve hung out so many times since! Then, I’ll be on a short flight to DC to see one of my besties, Michelle who has a great cooking blog and I’ll be able to taste test in person – everything is good from her kitchen!

While I was packing, I looked at my clothes and wondered why my outfits look coordinated! I realize I take more photos when I’m on vacation because I take the time to plan what to wear and I think of the scenery. Unless I’m going home, then I know it’s just casual because it’s my R&R time.

I also noticed that sometimes my undies look nice too –

dep_9947Blue T-Shirt Bra + lace boyshorts / Cheetah Lace Racerback + Bra NoirLace Thong / Watercolor bra + boyshorts
 via (c/o)

Just like my closet, I have to go through my underwear drawer, it’s stuffed to the brim! I have so many bralettes and bras that I never wear but think maybe I’ll wear that not so awesome bra under a sweater – but really, I still wear the same ones, or rather the ones I need to replace. sent me a few picks and I just about died when I saw the back of the lace racerback bras – they fasten in the front which let’s be real – all bras should fasten in the front.

Remember when you first learned how to put on a bra? I don’t know about you but I had to  clasp it in the front and spin it around LOL! I’m pretty sure when I started wearing one I didn’t actually need one yet, either. Haha!

How cute are these Kate Spade New York, wash and wear bags?


These pretty goodies arrived in a darling box, so cheeky! They are really comfortable too which is a must – and it finally motivated me to get rid of about 6 bras that I hadn’t touched for years and about 5 bralettes too! The black bralette I got in size medium and I’m regularly a small and the sizing is perfect and comfortable. I like that the sides are longer for those lower cut tanks.

It’s also fun when I arrive to my destination when I take out my belongings and hang them up – I can see my pretty outfits and organization bags. It just makes traveling even more fun!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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