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There are a few products I wanted to share that I’m bringing with me on my Thailand trip – just a few things out of the ordinary that you might find beneficial on your next adventure.

I’m taking a wheeled backpack, so this means minimalism. I will also more than likely leave some clothing behind to make room for shopping, as always.

A few of these products will have follow-up posts that will be more depth but for now, I wanted to give a quick list on these really efficient packing solutions!

Wheeled Backpack

I wouldn’t regularly travel with a wheeled backpack, but there’s a part of the Thailand trip when we’re really on the move – taxi, flight, ferry boat, walking, I figured a Timbuk2 Wheeled Backpack would be best. I can wheel it when I need to, and wear it when it’s easier. It’s also carry on friendly.


Compression Cube

Eagle Creek has a Pack-It Spector Compression Cube Set (c/o) – you put in your clothes, zip it closed, like a usual bag. But then, there is another zipper that makes it even more compact! Think, reverse luggage expander. I tried the other space saver bags and they don’t nearly work as well as these do – trust me. I bought them in addition, tried it and ended up taking them all out and put them in this compression cube and it was smaller and I had more room.

You can find these at Container Store as well.


Brush your teeth + wash your face

I will not compromise on clean teeth or skin while on vacation and the travel versions sometimes stink in comparison to what I use on a regular basis. Not anymore! I’m bringing my mini counterpart, the FOREO ISSA Mini electric toothbrush (c/o) – I have the full size which is also compact enough to travel, but hey, why NOT have a mini version?


I’ll be reviewing this a more later. I’ll also be packing FOREO LUNA 2’s Facial cleansing brush – read my review here.

Prevent wrinkled clothes

I discovered this Pack-It Garment Folder, also by Eagle Creek at the Container Store blogger event. I heard that the reason we get wrinkles is because clothing shifts. This has a plastic guide to help you fold you clothes, fold in the sides of the flap like a box, and ta-da. Holds up to 7 shirts.

Snug as a bug in a rug.


The Packable Hat

I’ve traveled with the fancy hats and had to wear it on the plane. That’s OK for me, for a short trip anyway, but do you have any idea how long the flight is to Thailand? 19 hours. That’s like 2 blue pills – yes I take drugs when I fly long distances, it makes flying long distances tolerable.

All that to say, I am not wearing a hat on the plane ride there.


This packable leather-banded fedora came in my POPSUGAR Must Have Box, special edition. It came all crunched but within 30 minutes went back to it’s shape, perfect. I am obsessed with this subscription box, every month I wait for it and it’s full of amazing things and every time they have a special edition box ($100) I always buy it.

Less Undies

There is no room for overpacking underwear – we are taking two pairs, they are fast-drying mesh and antimicrobial treatment for reducing odor – and obviously I’m washing them every day! I also am bringing 10 Woolite packets with me so we can wash them every night! I’m packing a hipkini  and lacey thong.

See ya!

And that’s it! I’m on my way to Thailand today and I would appreciate your prayers for good health and safe travels. I’ll be on Instagram and maybe Snapchat (dianaelizasteff), and have posts scheduled to go up while I’m away so if I’m part of your regular week, please do check in here. I am not checking emails while I’m away so if you need me, message me through Instagram. xx

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.

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