Outdoor Garden Veggie Sink


I had fiercely googled “How to make backyard outdoor kitchen garden sink,” and nothing really amazing came up – and I’m a hard core googler.  So, I figured, fine, I’ll just figure it out myself with my creative side kick handyman, Dennis!

I found the brass bar sink on good old creepy-but-we-are-all-on-it Craigslist and made the 30 minute drive to Mesa to pick it up.  The whole finding a faucet thing was confusing and after multiple failed restored home donation store stops, I gave up.  I just searched a two-hole bar sink and it came up – which is very different than kitchen faucet spacing. I purchased the faucet online and even got to pick the handle I wanted out of six different options.


Then it was time to find the table top since the table I was already using for a gardening table had too many cross bars under, wasn’t going to work.  It just made more sense to buy a new set up.  Found several old restaurant pub table tops for $50 on Craigslist, they were so pretty!  I figured bigger the better so I went for the largest slab.


Lastly Dennis has to configure how to prop it up and he asked if I wanted a shelf that would sit 6″ above the ground.  “YES! I can put my pots and other things down there! I can’t wait to blog about it!” I text him back. I could have my own show, but Dennis would have to be my sidekick of course.

garden-231 outdoor-sink-garden003 outdoor-sink-garden004

This post brought to you by the mastermind of Diana and Dennis sponsored by Mr. Wonderful!

Sink costs:

  • $25 brass bar sink from Craigslist
  • $54 polished brass bar faucet – I could have gotten a $20 one, but I had to have this one.
  • $50 solid wood pub table top from Craigslist
  • $200 handyman labor
  • $25 materials

Total = $354.  *The cost minus labor was $154, so I hope that helps for those of you who are married to a handyman.

If you want it cheaper, you could probably find an already made butcher/farm table for maybe $100 and do it yourself.  For me, I can swing a hammer and I’m a pretty good handygirl, but not like this.  I finally found use for that blue hose I didn’t really need, but needed to have it.

Alright veggies, that was a lot of dough to spend just to get you all clean.  Bees, it’s time to pollinate and help grow me some goodies to rinse off!  I’m going to leave this cutting board and a knife outside.


Hope this inspires you to have an outdoor sink.  How do you rinse off your veggies before you bring them in?  I need to add a bucket under and I’ll pour it in my veggie bed or in the compost.

Diana Elizabeth will do another updated post once everything is really set up.  She was just overly anxious to share, as always.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.



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