Out of the frumpy stage


1. (of a woman or her clothes) dowdy and old-fashioned.  “a frumpy housewife”

And hey, why not ask Urban Dictionary:

1. frumpy
A female with lack of concern for appearance. Often characterized by sweatpants, frizzy hair, gramma panties and a paisty complexion.  In context:  B****. I don’t pay you to dress all frumpy. Now go put on some heels and do with something that hair.

LOLOLOLOL.  Wow, you say it.

Early last year I went through the, I FEEL FRUMPY stage.  My hair was unacceptably long for my age, I’m sorry, but not all cann sport the long hair don’t care thing.   I have long hair, but loooooong hair, it was too much.

I hated brushing my hair, I hated washing my hair, which ultimately lead to me hating showering.  Now that’s a bad downward spiral. I did however brush my hair for this event…Lizzy Marsh did my makeup.


So what got me out of my frumpy stage?

  • I got a new hair stylist – not because mine was bad, because she was indeed awesome.  But, because I needed something different and to allow someone who didn’t know me to – just cut it.  She wouldn’t be fearful of backlash or tears.  I cut many inches off.  I got more layers, my head feels lighter.  I think I’ll go back to washing it and brushing it.
  • I donated and purged my closet – I sold my good stuff on Poshmark or eBay, or just plain donated it to my church’s donation center.  If I didn’t want to get caught wearing it if I bumped into an ex (and unfortunately I have quite a few that would fill a school bus) out it went.  I even went as far to fully remove it at once so I could love my closet again.
  • I got eyelash extensions – I had them done regularly years ago when I was a big corporate marketing girl rolling in the dough but after I decided to try to be a photographer full-time, out they went, including Starbucks.  Now that I am stable, I can add them back in.  It’s a wonder what they do – I don’t wear mascara and it takes me less time to get ready.  Actually, you’ll probably catch me with less makeup on now because my eyes are already done.  I’ll need to post about them soon, but I’m not ashamed about them because it does the same as boost mascara and that medicated lash thing in a tube.
  • I bought new clothes – By removing everything I didn’t love or felt was poor quality, I could take my time slowly adding unique pieces that embrace who I want the world to see.

Oh, and good skin is always important and I maintain it monthly with facials.  More on that life changer for another time.

But the sweatpants?  I’ll NEVER drop the sweatpants, I don’t care what Urban Dictionary says. My sweatpants are by the Crew.

Diana Elizabeth and Mr. Wonderful hope she doesn’t go through the frump stage again.  That was sorta depressing. LOL.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.



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