The Perfect Gold Glitter Nail Look

My staple for summer is the most fluorescent, obnoxious neon red/orange/pink you can find for my toes, and for my nails, something equally shocking.  You can thank J.Crew’s FACE Stockholm nail polish line they carry that has influenced me.  The last time I was at my super clean nail salon (I’m so glad I found one that’s good and most importantly up to health code), I whispered, “Is that gold glitter?” and quickly decided to exchange my turquoise blue polish for it.

Good decision.  This will now be my staple neutral.  Plus, glitter polishes don’t chip as quickly, or aren’t as noticeable.

This will go perfectly with all of my accessories since gold has always been my metal of choice.  After all, it’s the highest ranked metal in the Olympics *wink*


 OPI’s OY – Another Polish Joke! + OPI’s Goldeneye

opi-gold-glitter-polish1 opi-gold-glitter-polish2

My hands are old and tanned.  They sure don’t look like they did when I was 21…

Diana Elizabeth is like Goldfinger.  She loves gooooold! 

Trying to decide what to write to make myself sound interesting.



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