Wahoo – Christmas is almost here! I have been a trooper avoiding the mall as always, and been online shopping for every person on our list.

This raw honey set from Bee Raw has been buzzing in my head since I saw them in speciality stores last year. Please get this for someone on your list, or just yourself, my goodness!


^^ Fig and honey, my two favorite things when snacking with crackers – you know I’ve been on this cheese/cracker board kick for the past few months and I’m not going to stop!


I bought a honey flight 9-pack and thought it would be a fun thing to taste with friends and family. You can find Bee Raw online, and I’m going to tell you – you can be even more efficient at check out with them!

Shopping online is already efficient, you say. Why, yes I bee-lieve so, but how to make it even more so – checkout with PayPal. That option makes it so much easier for me and I love when I see it as a payment option. You can hook up your bank account and card number to your account making it so easy to buy from your phone, on the couch, anywhere where you don’t have your card info handy – or memorized.


I always prefer supporting small businesses when I can. Most of my gifts are from small businesses around Phoenix or I order online for those artisan gifts. You can support small businesses from the comfort of your home using PayPal to make it easy. Right now, PayPal is offering free return shipping on items up to $30 for up to 11 purchases. It’s called Return Shipping on Us.

These raw honey gift sets from Bee Raw really the the look of my entertaining up a notch.

honey-beeraw-bee-raw-paypal-online-shopping-gift-ideas-small-business_0049 honey-beeraw-bee-raw-paypal-online-shopping-gift-ideas-small-business_0043

The Bee Raw site has recommendations for tea and honey pairings, recipes, and the raw honey flights are so unique – they know where the bees are, and can tell you which wildflower variants they visit since they only stray 3 miles from their hive.

It’s such a neat way to taste different varieties that are so specific. The bees wax sealed vials are hand-corked with a detailed description of each varietal and origin.

honey-beeraw-bee-raw-paypal-online-shopping-gift-ideas-small-business_0052honey-beeraw-bee-raw-paypal-online-shopping-gift-ideas-small-business_0046 honey-beeraw-bee-raw-paypal-online-shopping-gift-ideas-small-business_0048

This is by far my most favorite thing I’m gifting this year, to myself – haha! If you want to be a PayPal superstar at the touch of a button avoiding log-in for checkout, you can turn on One Touch  – activate it here.

I hope you all tackle that shopping list fiercely and efficiently.


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