Old Treasures

I’ve been home in Granite Bay, California enjoying the cooler weather.  Well, cooler is relative since anything below 110 degree in Phoenix is cooler. I’ve been digging through some old photographs, ones I’ve seen around the house growing up but now must have.

For starters, I found an old photo of my grandmother who I called Yun Yun, my mom’s old modeling/singing photos, and a lot of old baby pictures of my dad.  I love old photographs more than I can stand!  I can’t wait to find a good way to display them, and now I no longer have to get old photo envy every time I’m in an antique store.  This also reminds me to tell you how important it is to print your memories because one day, as technology advances, our kids won’t be able to read the data stored on our memory cards or discs.  Print them now!

Mr. Wonderful came up to visit over the weekend and I can’t explain how happy my heart is that he is my husband and how well we get along.  We’re like peanut butter and jelly but already in the mixed jar, two peas in a pod, magnets, he’s truly my best friend, and I also admire who he is as a man.  His kindness, integrity, enthusiasm, heart – I insist that I married up because he’s just that wonderful.  Because of him, he brings me closer to my family, my brother, my friends, and most importantly, to God.  We even got the treat of seeing Lincoln Brewster perform at church last Sunday which is always a big treat for us.

On a business side note, Ribbons of Red will be recoding and changing up my blog a little in the upcoming days.  It’ll be a bigger, more interactive blog so it’ll be easier to share my latest work, for you to stick around longer, and well, it will just make more sense.  Oh, and Mr. Wonderful makes a debut in my newest promo video which will also launch with the new updated blog.  So if you see a being worked on splash page, just check the next day and the next, it won’t take long before it debuts all shiny and new.

And when it does, you’ll get a tour of my home office I’ve been dying to give you.

Diana Elizabeth needs more closet space.  She also needs to find a better way than the plastic hanging sleeves to display her jewelry.  Must think of other options…

Trying to decide what to write to make myself sound interesting.


  • Mailinh Nguyen

    Ahh…too precious! Old photos are simply irreplaceable! And can’t wait to see the new blog look.

  • krystal

    LOVE those photos, Di!!! Your grandma looks beautiful and so does your mom! You look just like her!

  • ashley barden

    Hi!! So, I have been following your blog and I just love it! Im also friends with Ricki! Did you grow up in granite bay? One of my very best friends lives there- her hubby grew up there- class of 1999 (not sure how big or how many high schools they have)!!!


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