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Ho-ho-ho! Just in time for the holidays, here is a fun way to decorate with some friends or little ones for the holidays!

Grab those delicious NUTTER BUTTERs and fun icing decorations and have some creative fun! Heading to Walmart, use this coupon to save 50 cents when you buy one NUTTER BUTTER cookie.

What you need:


  • NUTTER BUTTER Cookies (16 oz.) and NUTTER BUTTER Rounds Cookies (11.8 oz.)
  • Pop Rocks
  • Chocolate bar (to be melted)
  • Mini candy canes
  • Rope licorice
  • Cookie icing in green, red and white
  • Toothpicks, knife and star icing tip





Make the hat: Use the red icing and make the hat. Use white icing to make fuzzy hat lining and leave a thicker drop at the end, the pouf of the hat.

STEP 2 + 3


Make the beard: Switch to star tip on white icing and make four stars along the bottom for Santa’s beard. Make a mustache on top.

Make face: Dip toothpick in melted chocolate, add white icing (use toothpicks to help position) add Pop Rocks for cheeks.



STEP 1 + 2


Make cookie white: Spread white icing in swirling direction on cookie. Divide licorice. Tip: When peeling, keep red and green together to make it easier.

STEP 3 + 4


Make face: Dip toothpick in melted chocolate and add eyes and buttons on body. Take licorice use knife to cut to make scarf. Add Pop Rock for nose.

Make clothes: Use icing to make ear muffs, add candy cane decor on top. Enjoy!

When my girlfriend Lie Shia and I were in Flagstaff we stopped into a few stores because we needed a few comfort things on our road trip to the Grand Canyon. We needed some personal items and I picked up the NUTTER BUTTERS and baking decorations. Save 50 cents when you buy one NUTTER BUTTER cookie at Walmart, coupon here.


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