This post is sponsored by Norton by Symantec. I use the WiFi Privacy on my iPhone and this post shares my honest testimony and experience.

Public WiFi, you know when you log in at the airport, the Air B&B, hotel, the coffee shop, you just glance over the security warnings, hit accept and start surfing the web per usual. Did you know you shouldn’t be logging into your bank account or anything that requires a password – for security reasons right? Ooops,I have.

I’m often away from home and currently preparing to head to Switzerland – and I’ll be posting and surfing the web with passcodes using my phone and laptop so a VPN – virtual private network is a necessity, thanks to Norton WiFi Privacy. As technology advances, so are those people who are spying to steal your info! We need to lock down our identity and the information we share through the Internet.

Getting a VPN is only $39.99 a year (MSRP $49.99) for a single device. Please make sure you read this so you really grasp the importance of securing your identity online! When I met with Norton at a blogging event I was really intrigued, we really hit it off – you know I love tech and we knew we’d be a perfect fit to share this with you – you’re probably constantly connected like I am.

What is a VPN?

What is Norton WiFi Privacy and why do you need it? It’s your own secure private network that gives security for your passwords, bank details, credit card numbers (online shopping) and when you use your PC, Mac or mobile.

  • Protects the data you send and receive while on public Wi-Fi
  • Adds bank-grade encryption to protect you on public Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Browse the web anonymously
  • No-log network so doesn’t track or store your activity

It pretty much gives you peace of mind wherever you are – your connection is secure as well as the information you are sending and receiving, emails and passwords, credit card numbers, all of it. So when you’re working on the go, Norton WiFi Privacy makes sure your emails and whatever you are seeing or sending is not being eavesdropped by strangers using the same network. There’s a 60-day money back guarantee.

How it looks on your device

Here is how it looks on your mobile phone – you can see the top left of my Verizon service says VPN in a box – so I know my VPN is on. I just use my phone like normal.

^^ The App you can see above at the top right.  When I open the App, the block history shows how many ad trackers are blocked since I’ve been using it. You can also select your IP address region.

Below, you can see when I open up the app I can turn it on or off and these are the three stages to a secure connection. It is always on.


Now with a VPN provided by Norton by Symantec, you can keep on paying those bills, update that blog post, send that super secret email, and buy that dress online without worrying about your information getting compromised. It’s so worth the cost (pick a plan for the number of devices) to keep your information secure – no hacking into your Netflix accounts or getting an email alert that your password has been reset from another location (this has happened to Benjamin a few times).

Turn any public hotspot into a secure VPN and even advertisers can’t track you. Feel secure while you’re doing all the girl boss, social media sharing things you do without worrying about a thing!

PC: Scout + Briar / Location: Arizona Vacation Company.

Thank you Norton by Symantec for sponsoring this post.